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At a CHRP (Chris Renews His Parish) weekend earlier this year I gave witness on Christian Renewal. In it I made a commitment to utilize my talents to help evangelize the Catholic faith. Keeping to that promise I just released the beta of, a “YouTube for Catholics.” Please check it out and encourage others to do so as well. Also, please keep our ministry in your prayers. Love to hear your feedback as well.

Awesome site! Ahh, the fruits of CHRP.

Looks like someone ran through and rated all videos a 1 star. Hope they feel better.

Have you sent invitations to content producers to post? SQPN has a few good candidates.

Hopfully Saint Michael’s Media will get clips out there soon - the webmaster (my DH) is quite swamped with work right now, as we are quite busy with releasing some new projects as well as begining the taping of season four of The One True Faith.

But he does promise me that he will get them out there! :thumbsup:


Thank you for you encouraging words. Yes, CHRP was a terrific experience.

I appreciate the suggestion to reach out to content providers as well. As more videos are uploaded, the stronger of a tool for evangelizaiton LoveToBeCatholic will be.

I welcome more feedback on our ministry.

Also, here are links to blog posts where I discuss some of the many reasons for launching this ministry: Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing , and on a more positive note: Genesis

Wow, this is great. I do have my channel on YouTube so I would love to be on this website also. I don’t have any of my own videos but I do have my “favorite” list.

I signed up on your website but I haven’t gotten an email confirmation yet. :frowning: I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Thanks so much for starting this! You and your ministry are in my prayers. :signofcross:

Great post. There is also a <A href=“”">" that is about all faiths. I went and searched for “Catholic” and there is quite a few videos worth watching. There are some anto-catholic one too though.

If you are interested, please read my blog post on some of the regrettable issues with YouTube and GodTube: Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing.

Have a good weekend everyone. Also, a very sincere thanks to everyone for the great support. In the first two weeks we have grown from 2 to 3000 visits per day. Wow. We are grateful.

I see your point. But I also believe that is the reason why so many devout Catholics SHOULD post videos over at YouTube and GodTube. Many Protestants can also see the good Catholic videos that are being posted. We should not let all the anti-Catholic videos drive us away. Jesus walked among sinners so we need to show JESUS to these people who go to YouTube and GodTube.

I guess you didn’t see my previous post. I signed up on your website and I haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet. :frowning: Or is it that you’d rather me not come to your website because I have a channel on YouTube?

I am so grateful that you signed up, but very sorry that you did not receive a confirmation email. We had a temporary problem that is now fixed. The web site is in ‘beta,’ which means that with the help of the community we are discovering issues that go unnoticed during development and fixing them as fast as possible. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience. The good news is that all accounts are automatically enabled; so you can log in at any time and enjoy the benefits of the web site. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me directly at

Also importantly, I hope that you did not misunderstand my blog post. As a postscript to the blog post I talk about the strategy of proliferating Catholic content to counter anti-catholic video. Indeed, the more channels (outlets) that Catholics use to evangelize the better. I encourage all of us to utilize as many alternative means as possible to evangelize. We should and must post throughout cyberland not only to provide information to fellow Catholics, but also to enable as many opportunities as possible for non-believers and wayward souls to find their way home.

I am a living testimonial to how the good work of people to utilize the power of the Internet can save people. It was the serendipitous downloading of a Catholic radio program that led me back to the Catholic Church. Although, I believe there was nothing accidental about that event. Rather, finding the radio program on the Internet was an answer to my prayers. I am so thankful to God for his love, forgiveness, and Grace that I started a non-profit Catholic organization and embarked down a this road to expand the Catholic message on the Internet with LoveToBeCatholic. At times it is a scary proposition. However, every time that a new member joins or someone uploads a video is a moment a celebration and I am so thankful. I am hopeful that together we can follow through on JP II’s call for a new evangelization. :slight_smile:

To All Catholics, I found a website. It is better than because it is cleaner in its content.

Here is the website. It is also free.

Manny,thanks for posting this site. As a mom of a teen and pre-teen, I am always looking for Catholic Friendly sites that will help us all grow in our faith.

I like it! :thumbsup:

Welcome! :smiley:

The owner of the site was on here a few months ago promoting this - glad to see it’s now finding people on its own! :thumbsup:


I add it to my blog…

I just watched this one - WOW!!! God Bless these holy women!


They do have a clip. Check Sola Scriptura

I subscribe to SaintMichaelsMedia on YouTube. My channel name is 1Hope4All, check it out. I’ve grown to really like YouTube. I just ignore the bad stuff. We need more JESUS on YouTube so I like being there. I’ve gotten to know some good Catholic people there. :slight_smile:

My channel name on LoveToBeCatholic is 1Hope4All also.

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