Lovin' my Liturgy of the Hours app for iPhone!

Just curious if anyone would like to share their favorite Catholic apps for their iPhone/iPod/iPad. I personally love my LOTH app, namely Compline - it’s just perfect before you settle in for the night; you’re going to have to take my word for it! :wink: (And may I add that that specific app is free!) I don’t know, something about the beautiful recorded bells chiming and the hymns that follow…feelings of comfort and communion wash over you as you pray with the Church.

Do you have any apps or podcasts that you would like to recommend? I’d be much obliged! :slight_smile:

God bless!

Hey Lil Flower, Can this be used on an I-pod or strictly and I-phone?

You can subscribe to Catholic Answers live on Podcast or the weekly homily by Father Larry Richards.

Both. Check this page out:

You can subscribe to Catholic Answers live on Podcast or the weekly homily by Father Larry Richards.

Thank you! I was wondering if CAF had any weekly podcasts.

I have an app that is an audio rosary. I love it because I can say the rosary while I’m working out.

I love the iMass app for iPhone. It includes a daily missal a recording of the daily mass and one of the most recent Sunday High Mass.:highprayer:

I Love iPieta, Universalis LOTH, and the RSV Bible by Versewise.

iPieta is the finest Catholic App I know of.

Oooh, tell me more. :slight_smile:

It has the DR Bible, the Haydock Commentary and catena aurea (for the Gospels), the Extraordinary Form and Ordinary Form calendars, with mass readings for each (from the DR, not the NAB which may be good or bad depending on your preferences), it has the Roman Catechism, the entire Summa, Christian Doctrine (Catechism of Pius X), the Baltimore Catechism 1, 2 and 3. It has many (hundreds) prayers and major writings of the saints and fathers of the Church. It also has the council documents from most, if not all, of the Ecumenical Councils.

And it’s dirt cheap.

Wow, that has got the whole package! :slight_smile:

Thank you all! Blessings to you in the Christmas season.

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