Loving an inanimate object


Is it sinful to love inanimate objects, like an old pocketwatch your perished grandfather gave to you as a gift, or a child loving a stuffed animal?


Of course not.


The correct question to ask is, “Will you hate God if he destroys your precious pocketwatch and the stuffed animal?”


Again, of course not. What makes you ask this?

Nothing wrong with cherishing a precious family heirloom, within normal limits. And most certainly not with a child loving a stuffed animal friend.

Unless someone is literally more in love with the item than with God, or more interested in the item to the point of neglecting their family, work, and other responsibilities…but this is unlikely and would require care by a mental health professional.


Cherishing physical items helps us better understand the use of images and relics.


That’s an excellent point. Good perspective, since many converts have issues with that.


There is nothing wrong with being fond of certain objects. You just shouldn’t love them more than you love actual people. There’s a real spiritual danger in being overly attached to things, particularly if you become obsessed with the acquisition. But loving a certain thing, particularly when it signifies your love of a person is not the same thing.


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