Loving being a grandma!


Our grandson is 3 mos old and will be here for New Years. Our son is in the Navy and lives on the opposite side of the country.

Our daughter and SIL live 15 min away and are due in May. I’m a teacher, so I will have the whole summer to enjoy the new baby.

Today I bought a bouncy seat to have when grand babies are here. :thumbsup: It’s under the Christmas tree waiting for a baby.

What do other grandmas do to make the holidays special?


Congrats, truly what a blessing, from my memorys its not what you do but being there and the unconditional love that seems to last and create the fondest times. Grandma=Love, Wishing you all the best :smiley:


I have 4 grandchildren and there is nothing better than being “grammie.” I have 3 grandsons and 1 grand-daugther. The boys love me but my grand-daughter really loves me. Our thing is shoes (she is only 2 almost 3) but every time we talk on the phone I ask her if she wants me to buy her shoes. She is so excited about this. I took her to Nordstrom and when we went to the kids shoe department she said "Grammie, look at all these shoes. I love them. Aren’t they pretty Grammie?!?!!?"
Just melts my heart.


This last week my granddaughter graduated from university…but we’re still making gingerbread cut-outs; and baking and decorating them together this Christmas too! Being her Grandma is as much a pleasure as when this delightful young woman was a dear little girl! Her great-grandpa before he died in June, spoke of her on ‘grandfathers’ day as “bubbling like freshly-poured champagne”…no, it doesn’t ‘get old!’ this Grandma/Grandpa thing!


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