Loving gothic style desktop/phone wallpapers

Do any of you find an interest in using gothic style pictures for your telephone/computer wallpaper? Do you think those pictures get too dark and way too negative sometimes?

Are you referring to gothic architecture, gothic romance, or modern day goth culture?

Sometimes or always?

I use dark, Gothic style pictures all the time for my settings and desktop. There is a difference between dark pictures of gargoyles and spider-webs which can be beautiful, thought-provoking and mysterious and pictures which are gory or morbid. Its about knowing where the line is and not to cross it.

Actually, I think even so-called ‘gory’ and ‘morbid’ isn’t really such. The line is there sure but it’s a lot farther and harder to cross than some people think.

I lean more to fantasy art for my wallpapers but that generally does tend to dip into images of dark colors, gothic, cathedals, and demons.

No vampires for me though unless they belong on my list of Bloodsuckers I Actually Have Some Cynical Amount Of Respect For. (And believe me, it’s not a long list. :cool:)

I actually agree, what I meant by morbid are things that are obviously so, like pictures of people with cuts on their arms (which are easily found) or something very bloody.

I like alot of fantasy art too. Have alot of fairy pictures, some darker than others. I love dark colors but not all the time.

lol about the vampires.

I think Gothic art is great, just don’t become one of those broody folks that take themselves too seriously. :smiley:

too late for me on that one ! Then again I take EVERYTHING seriously so its only natural.

I’d say I like the gothic pictures of mysterious and attractive women. I also like the sense of emotion in some of those pictures.

And yes I have seen those pictures with the elements of blood, cutting and the like. I dont know how bad crossing that line could be if I find those pictures cool (depends on the picture) but I do find the themes interesting.

Blood and gore really do have a need to be judged on a case-to-case basis. Take zombie themes for instance. Some of it can be outright gross but whaddya expect? They’re zombies!

When the gothic character of the picture is human? Haha

I love the gothic women pictures too! I use them very often as avatars.
I do not like pictures that have to do with cutting because it was something I once struggled with and have overcome through God’s grace. I hate being reminded.

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