Loving Like God Does

Does anyone else find that scary? Why is God both merciful to the sinner and saint? It seems God chastises his saints even more. If live outside the church and do not have the correct concept of sin, God forgives you easily. The more you learn about God, the more responsibility you have. I can not judge the souls of those who look to be in mortal sin. Are there things in life that are simply neither vice nor virtue? Sometimes I honestly think it is not fair how God is so harsh on those within the church, versus outside. People can very hurtful. It is not always so easy to forgive. It feels like you always have to be perfect.

God is not so harsh on those outside compared to in?

Even with the “mellowing out” Vatican II brought in regards to the Catholic Church’s relationships with non believers (non Catholic Christians were not automatically all destined for hell, Catholics can more easily marry other non Christians, Muslims are recognized as worshiping the same God as Catholics, the introduction of the doctrine of “Invincible Ignorance” ect) church teaching is still remarkably scathing when it comes to non believers, especially Atheists (Pius IX’s Syllabus of errors really did not hold anything back).

“There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church”…That kinda says it all and more. Catholics are assured of their salvation provided they do everything the Church teaches and they stick to it, everyone else just has to hope (according to Catholic teaching) that God is merciful.

Divine Mercy In my soul

The diary of Sister Maria Faustina H. Kowalska

605 O Holy Trinity, Eternal God, I thank You for allowing me to know the greatness and the
various degrees of glory to which souls attain. Oh, what a great difference of depth in the
knowledge of God there is between one degree and another! Oh, if people could only know this! O my God, if I were thereby able to attain one more degree, I would gladly suffer all the torments of the martyrs put together. Truly, all those torments seem as nothing to me compared with the glory that is awaiting us for all eternity. O Lord, immerse my soul in the ocean of Your divinity and grant me the grace of knowing You; for the better I know You, the more I desire You, and the more my love for You grows. I feel in my soul an unfathomable abyss which only God can fill. I lose myself in Him as a drop does in the ocean. The Lord has inclined himself to my misery like a ray of the sun upon a barren and rocky desert. And yet, under the influence of His rays, my soul has become covered with verdure, flowers, and fruit, and has become a beautiful garden for His repose.

Saint Faustina


no. :slight_smile:

Some have a debt of only 50 pieces of silver, others 500, but in the end, both are in debt and neither can repay it.

I believe it shouldn’t worry you what other people think, whether you have to be perfect or what not, be focused on what God thinks of you and seek only His approval, act out of the love you have for Him. :slight_smile:

“Love Him totally, He who totally surrendered Himself for your love.” - Clare of Assisi

God Bless

Thank you for reading

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