Loving Merciful God or Wrathful Judgemental God


As I’ve stated in other posts, It has been tough for me lately…In the last 6 months my wife has died, I am unemployed and I have some health issues and my health insurance may run out down the line…

The only thing keeping me going financially is a little bit of savings that is dwindling fast…

The main thing that is keeping me going is that if all things just become real bad and I can’t find employment and lose health insurance and run out of money, even become homeless, will God still Love me and allow me in heaven or will he say that I should have managed things differently on earth and I’ll be sent to hell…I am very emotional person, always have been and now have extreme anxiety more than ever…

Some spots in the Bible Jesus makes it clear that it is hard to attain eternal life in heaven, and some spots that God is merciful…

The only thing that I have to hold on to is that no matter how bad things become for me on earth, that I can still attain heaven…
Am I wrong, can I still attain heaven or will God say that I should have lived my life differently and send me to Hell…
I do know that Christ is my Savior and died for my sins and I have confeesed my sins in confession and have repented…


hi Ken, I’m sorry that it’s been tough for you… I’m sure that you can rely on God’s mercy though. Have you ever heard of the Divine Mercy devotion? :slight_smile: I suggest that if you haven’t, you should read the book “Divine Mercy in My Soul” by St Faustina. It’s available online: our.homewithgod.com/divinemercy/

there’s also a great summary of it on ewtn:

in it, Jesus says to St Faustina many times that He is merciful and that He will not reject anyone who has a contrite heart. So if you ask Him for forgiveness, He will definitely forgive you. THe reason it’s difficult to get to Heaven is because there is so much keeping us attached to sin and to the ‘world’. However, God’s love and mercy is stronger than any sin, if you call out to Him, you CAN trust Him that He will answer. God will not turn you away if you come to Him… the problem is that many DON’T come to Him! But if you are, all is well :slight_smile: just go to Confession and confess all your sins and ask God for mercy…if you’ve done this, great!! try doing this on the Divine Mercy Feast, which is the Sunday after Easter. :slight_smile:

It is TRUE that no matter how bad things get on earth you can still be saved. :slight_smile: try to trust Him… after Jesus died on the Cross, surely He will not let go of you now!! Only we can turn away from God… He never turns away from us though.

hope that helps a bit…

God bless you.


Jesus is the Salvation of believers. He is always with you. Trust in Him! :slight_smile:


Have you said a Novena to St Joseph yet? If not, give that a shot.


A post I just made elsewhere abot does God send anyone to hell. May help. I’ll put another one on here too.

My dear friend

Good question. It’s a big question and stumbling block for very many. I think God sends no one to hell. But people do go there. Hell is essentially a place of non God. As God is all goodness and love and blissful happiness and so on, hell is the opposite. God will not interfere with our free will ( unless we allow Him, which I highly recommend ) but He continually gives us the grace we need all through our lives to do good, repent and be saved. God desperately wants us to get to heaven. He sent His only son to show us the way and to suffer and die so we could. Jesus’ suffering was infinite. This is beyond our minds though. God loves us so much He underwent infinite suffering for us, so we could get to heaven. But in order to get to heaven you must love God, and your neighbour as yourself. Our love for God is shown primarily in obedience to His law ( the 10 commandments ), obedience to the church and the teachings of Christ, the practice of the virtues and so on. In order to love you must have free will and complete freedom to choose to love or not to love. God has given us this freedom to choose to love him or not love him. He helps us every second where alive to reach our final end but will not interfere with our freedom. God does not desire that any perish. We choose whether we go to heaven or hell. We can either choose to love or be rebellious, but we die as we live, and this sets our eternity. So, to say God sends us to hell is wrong I think. We choose. If you think it’s all too harsh that many perish it’s well to look at Jesus and what he went through even though he knew how many would not love him and be saved. It’s well to think of his infinite suffering. God created a perfect world with a perfect man and woman and then man rebelled and sinned - what was God’s reaction? It was to send a new Adam and a new Eve ( Jesus and Mary ) to atone for the sins of the first ones. This reaction to our rebellion shows Gods love for us most sublimely. We sin and God tells us he is coming here to die for us so we can get to heaven. Is this the reaction of someone who does not love us? No, it is the reaction of love, which is God- perfect and infinite love. And it’s well to see the effects of sin in him on the cross. On the cross he took upon himself the guilt of us all. He cries from the cross- I thirst. I thirst for your love and your soul. I’m dying so you can have life. He is pleading with us to love him so we can be saved.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Like most people it’s been a question on my mind too. It’s a stumbling block for millions I think. This is very sad because I’ve gotten to know God a little and he is all goodness, love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and the like to me. How can you reconcile that natural disasters, wars, crimes etc happen to people and especially good people. I’ve done some thinking and don’t know if it’s right. I’m simply trying to explain a major stumbling block for believers and unbelievers. I’m trying to do this because there is clearly something wrong with many people’s perception and understanding of God. We really must just trust God when we don’t understand something. Here is my theory.
I am not a greeny or environmentalist but I do love the environment. God created this natural world for us and we can use it as we wish but if we abuse it it’s to our detriment. God created a perfect world. When he created our world he looked and saw that it was good we read in genesis. And so it was and is. God created man and saw that he was good too.
When we mess with nature there are consequences. We hear about it every day. We are meant to live in harmony with nature. It’s not a sin not too but we suffer if we don’t. There is an equilibrium in nature that is very finely balanced by God. This balance was set during the creation.
We are a part of this natural world and are meant to live naturally too. This means we’re supposed to obey Gods law – the natural law. We affect the equilibrium with our behavior. The equilibrium was set at creation and God cannot change it. Why should he. He made a perfect world and perfect man and woman. All was fine and man and nature were in perfect harmony in the beginning.
But man sinned and this upset the equilibrium. It was the serpent that deceived man and continues to do so today and until the end of time. The serpent knew he would cause this terrible imbalance and throw the equilibrium off track. The serpent works very hard to keep our world and us imbalanced and out of harmony with each other because he can wreak havoc with us and our world like this.
When we sin we throw the balance out further and automatically bring punishments on ourselves. God does not always do this, nor does he desire this. God is all goodness and love. I’ve often heard people talk about Gods infinite mercy and infinite justice and wondered how they blend. It’s occurred to me that infinite justice is not always bad or means punishment. Justice can mean a reward too. It can be good. But the point being that God created our world and us and saw we were good and perfect and set up laws to govern everything and if we throw things out of balance by going against those laws then punishments can come. God can punish countries, cities, people etc if he wants because God can do anything he likes but I’m speaking of something different here.
What did Cain say after he slew Abel and God asked where Abel was? “ Am I my brother’s keeper?” This angered God because we are our brother’s keeper. The human race is in this together. We all have to do our part to try and keep the equilibrium in balance. This is why our Lady of Fatima asked us to offer prayers and sacrifices for world peace, the conversion of sinners and to atone for sins against Her Immaculate Heart. We have to try and make up for our brothers who are failing. What did the apostle John say in old age when asked the most important thing to do’” Little children, love one another. “ Is that not the perfect fulfillment of the law that would remedy every evil in our world if all would listen and practice it? Yes, it is. But because many aren’t we receive punishments. Not always from God but automatically and it’s our own fault for being unnatural. We’re all in this together.
It appears that since the 1960’s we have seen too much sin and we need to do prayer and penance like our Lady of Fatima asked. Either the mystical body of Christ reigns or the mystical body of satan will. The latter is winning now and the antichrist which is the demonic influence working through people has grown way too strong. It may be too late to stop it this time but we must try. The elect must do prayer and penance. It does matter and will only benefit us and the whole of humanity.
So get out your rosary beads and make a few little sacrifices each day. If we do our bit that’s all that’s asked.
God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


When my marriage broke down I hit rock bottom. Was in debt, had to put up with an angry ex, etc etc.

By Faith I got through. When I fell on the floor it was upon reflection not such a bad place to have gotten too, because by applying Faith, and there were many times that was tested, I lost Faith, but each test gave me strength and molded my Faith because slowly bit by bit, God pulled me slowly up off the floor. As I tried to keep my Faith, he proved to me in a number of ways he was still there, His love was still there, His forgiveness was still there if I repented, and he helped me in some ways financially.

I went through a stage of really fearing the Lord and feeling wrath inside of me, but I also experienced God’s love. I realised that the things I was going through on earth were teaching me strength, patience, Faith, Love, Hope, strength, firmer ability to believe in God’s assistance, compassion, humility, knowing what temptation was and how to fight that, and many things.

As I went back to Confession more and more, my soul was growing. I didn’t realise that until recently. As I fell down and God forgave me in Confession, behind my back my soul was climbing. One day I experienced His love in a strong way.

I have realised that my soul knows the Love of God, but the darkness in me does fear the Lord, and that is a good thing, because I am propelled to keep going back to Confession so that slowly God removes the darkness from me bit by bit and so my soul gets the opportunity to be were she most enjoys. With the Father’s forgiveness and Love.

If you are prepared to climb and keep moving towards God with Faith, Hope and Love, you will find in time I hope what I have, absolute Love and a greater understanding of why it is important to fear the Lord. He Loves you and wants you to reconcile with Him and let Him remove the bits of darkness in you, and you can do this by going to Confession and staying true to Him in your heart. You begin to know God as a Father, as a parent, and as Love. Fear the darkness that holds you back from reconciling with Him.

Many times the darkness tried to get me to give up in finding what my soul was looking for. I had no idea what she was looking for. All I knew this was a pretty yuk existence, and many many times I felt like there was no point, I am a rotten sinner, and I am going to hell, and what is the point in going to Confession if I am still a sinner etc. But to know the Love of the Father and to be able to better understanding the aspects of who He is, was absolutely worth it. It was worth all the horrible experiences, all the heartache of this human existence. It was worth all the trials, the periods of suffering and fatigue, the periods I sat on the floor and cried and gave up.

My soul found the Father’s Love and she finally realised she is loved and to have that Love flow back and forwards between our souls and the Father’s is like being in Heaven at times.

Go to regular Confession, keep your Faith, let Him occupy your thoughts more, place your burdens into His Hands with trust and belief, and let your soul slowly climb and fly.

Believe in Him and he will assist you to understand why you have been given the burdens you have been given, and what those burdens will teach you and how they have helped you. For everyone this takes some time, and for some longer then others, and for some they will give up and stagnate. Know the darkness that is holding you back from allowing your soul to truly experience the embrace of his Forgiveness and Love.

Hell is for the unbelievers. Heaven is obtainable for those who believe in His forgiveness, repent, get up off the floor and try again. And you might fall many times, but as you fall and go to Confession, your soul is growing closer to Him each time.

If you think you are doomed, that flies in the face of the other aspects of God. He is forgiveness and He is Love. You just got to want to reach out for that and have some Faith in yourself and in Him.



CS Lewis wrote a book right after his wife died called “A Grief Observed” so I think that might be helpful. And please check out this website, its the best thing I’ve come across for people who are so worried that many little things are sins, it can be from something called scrupulosity… mission.liguori.org/newsletters/scrupulosity.htm


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