Loving parents more than God

What are some indications that one loves his parents more than God?

You tell us.

“Children go through a stage where they become anxious at the thought of being away from mom. This is all they know and they are scared. Those are normal human feelings. (And of course this is an example of children not adults) However if the mother were to feed the dependance of the child, he/she would continue to be attached for as long as this was allowed to go on. Fear would keep the child from being truly free to love God and do His will.”

Does this sound like loving parents more than God?

No it sounds like insecurity.

It sounds more like insecurity brought on by a co-dependent enabler.

Sounds like emotional manipulation on the part of the parent.

From what I know, you love your parents more than God when you are willing to break His law to satisfy them. Say, they asked you to rob a bank, and you follow through because you love them, you are aware you are breaking God’s law but choose to do it anyway because you love your parents. Or if they ask you to renounce your faith and you choose to do so ‘‘out of love for them’’

Timothy, the love of God must be above the love of all other things. We understand that God is perfect and is our final end, and that all created things can reflect God’s perfections and are given to us graciously that we might reach our end. Putting it in this context, we see that we love and value God to the utmost. But we do not see God, while we do see his creation, and thus we might often wonder if we love what we can see more intensely than What we cannot.

Consider it this way, though: you are very thirsty and you want a drink. You have enough money in your wallet to buy a drink. However, you need to use that money to pay a bill, and thus, you do not buy the drink, even though your thirst makes your longing for that drink very intense. Now let’s think of persons: you love a person (relation, child, spouse, friend) very intensely. Ask yourself this: are you ready to offend God to please that person? If you are, then you love that person more than God. If not, if you are ready to lose that person rather than losing God through sin, then you do not.

That, in a nutshell, illustrates the love of God and how it relates to the love for particular persons. You can ask yourself, again, if your love for your parents stands in the way of observing the commandments and avoiding sin. Consider carefully, and always remember that if you come up short, the tribunal of mercy is always there.

I think when you refrain from placing God first in your life.

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