Loving something more than God

For example, if I highly value Basketball and play it everyday, but it doesn’t stop me from going to Sunday mass or any of my obligations. However, because of Basketball I’m reading the bible less, spending less time with God and saying my daily prayers half-heartedly. In short, it’s preventing me from being truly devoted to God, in the sense that I’m still attached to Basketball that it prevents me from loving God fully (because I take up my free time practicing and reading about new moves n stuff)

Would this be a mortal sin and violation of the Great commandment even though I do not miss Sunday mass or any obligation?

I don’t know if it would be mortal unless you willingly put basketball above God or started to break precepts and not follow Church teaching. You may just be a half hearted Catholic. And if your not praying devoutly at least 10 minutes a day this may constitute a sin. Too much of anything isn’t good. Even Michael Jordan got away and did things other than basketball.

What would be best is to talk with a good priest IRL to determine how best to set up your spiritual life, esp during basketball season. You may need to say lots of little prayers through the day, for example, or commit to a couple of longer periods of prayer. But the best way to determine that is to talk to someone who can really discuss it with you and who knows the right questions to ask.

As long as your life doesn’t revolve around it, you should be fine.

Loving something more than God - yes that would be rather sinful.

But is that what you are doing?

Doing good things and enjoying good things per se are not loving God less…or loving them more…per se. Talk with your Priest -he can assist you in these things.

God does not ask us per se to only devote our time to reading Scripture, saying the rosary, going to Mass, studying the Faith etc. Even those called to be Monks do other things.

Yes make sure to have formal time to pray etc.

Seek also to find God and love God in everything - including basket ball. God is everywhere. And every good thing we do can be offered to God and we can find God there. We can love God all day and night.

The the various Popes writings on sport (I am not a sports person…but I know they exist ;))

Coming to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength is a tall order-and a process, a work of grace in us. But the more we want it, and so seek and pray for and cooperate with that work, the more He grants it.

Basketball isn’t preventing you from spending less time with God. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s an excuse and basketball is simply a way of justifying it.

I did the same thing years ago when I was working a lot. I choose to take on freelance work and soon that became more important than God.

There is always time in the day to set aside for God if we really want it.

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