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This thread is meant to be a sister thread to The Catholic’s “Falling in love with Mother Mary.” Here’s his: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=331458

I know exactly what he means in that thread, and just wanted to devote this thread to what we love in the Catholic Church. This Easter, I was just overflowing with loving praise for the Church, and I’ve been wanting to share those sentiments, for the glory of Jesus’ Church. So last Easter, after the Saturday Vigil service, I wrote down these documents in an 8 page (double space) document of praises. Please share and add your own positive feelings, experiences or praises of Christ’s Church to this thread!

What I’ve written, as follows, is what I wrote, which I hope adheres fully to what is true and certainly is what I feel. Please pass it over and skip directly to writing your own comments praising the Catholic Church, if you want to! This is just what I feel, everyone else write what you feel!

I’ve been just overflowing with the praises of the Church for so long, throughout my months as a Catholic, without a real outlet. I feel some inner relief at finally having poured all this out somewhere! But not enough; I’m writing a short book in honor of the Virgin Mary and another in honor of the Eucharist. I can never write enough of the praises of these stunning lights of God’s glory, these totalities of joy in the Christian journey.

Here’s what I wrote concerning our Holy Mother Church:


Oh Church of Christ, fair creature of God, beautiful, beloved. What right have I to be even in your presence, much less counted among your company by your Sovereign? Holy and glorious Catholic Church, soul of wisdom, spirit of incomparable light. I am a grain, a mere speck, but you are the world’s fairest treasure, the bounty of her fields, the most precious flower blooming in her heart.

I see the throngs of Catholics and wonder, “How do I deserve to even stand nearby these, these that are one in the glory of God?” They are one, as the Trinity of God is One. They as people are flawed, but as Catholics they are one in Christ; they form the unity of the Body of Christ—how have I deserved that I should stand surrounded by them, by these outpourings of the radiance of the Church? Catholics are candles on the shelf, sparks of the great fire. They are one in the Lord.

The Holy Catholic Church, how can I find words to thank her? Let me speak of an individual Catholic, try to express my thoughts of these mere humans, mere bits of earth made sacred through baptism . . . You have been consecrated to the Lord in the waters of the Most High from birth. Whether your parents were devout or not, they were Catholic. They escorted you to Mass, and you heard the Word of God from the mouth of His anointed representatives. At Confession you were cleansed of all your sins from childhood—how blessed, to live such purity, such angelic whiteness from youth rather than piling sins upon your head endlessly as does the rest of the world. You were catechized, and even if you ignored or forgot much of what you learned, you nonetheless had before you always, constant and present, the Pillar of Absolute Truth magnified in splendor. You could turn to her, your Holy Mother the Church, at any second you desired to know what God’s will for your life is. The rest of us, separate from you, wandered in guesswork and fragments.

The graces of Confirmation anointed your brow, holy oil the world does not know that sealed you in the great Spirit and power of God. Light poured into your life, whether you knew it or not. Light took you, light kept you, light mastered you. You may have turned from that light—some do, yet you received it, and it is there inside your soul to this day. You need not grasp at shadows, or walk in the Lord in the lands of the incomplete; you have before you all the bounty of God, and living in the Catholic Church you have it still, a boundless field of treasures to pick what you please from as soon as your heart desires the Christ who raised you.

You, oh blessed Catholic, have lived with God from infancy, and when you came of age, your teeth chewed on His flesh and your lips drank His blood, making you unified with Divinity in the Heart and Soul of His glory. You tasted the liquor of Heaven, and to the extent that you loved it, you received the love of infinity in the purest form it may be known throughout all the world. The Love of God has anointed you, and though we sin in this world, the Catholic Church has been there for you whether you were there for her or not. Her members fail, her Spirit is ever-glorious.

Oh Church of Christ! How have I deserved to become attached to your Body? How is this even possible, how imaginable? It is beyond my spirit to comprehend how such grace can be that a mere no one such as I should have been granted unity with your divine entity. Let me try to describe what I feel for you, for the members of your heart, oh Church of Godliness.

You are the angel that stands upon the world and distributes wheat with both hands, offering full loaves of bread and cups of wine to any who will open their hands to receive them. Yours is the house of gold, yours the splendid city. All love springs from your heart. Love is the breath you breathe and kindness the fingers of your hands.

Do I exaggerate? Let me describe the great assembly that dwells in your fields! In you are the Sacraments, the power of life itself. The whole of creation is made complete in the Incarnation of God that rises at Mass between the fingers of even one of your priests’ hands! Inside that scrap of bread is the totality of the universe made one, the power of God that creates continents fulfilled! In that scrap of bread alone is the fullness of all God’s Love, the entire bounty of Heaven made manifest!

Yet we stumble, we do not receive as we should, so the Sacrament of Confession comes to us. That loving Sacrament becomes ours, by which any sin on Earth can be forgiven. This sweet Sacrament of infinite love fuses our souls with God’s so that no distance we carve can endure.


Oh Jesus, Incarnation of God! He departed from the Church on Earth in the body when He rose, yet knowing our need of Him, He gave us a million of Himself in the Blessed Sacrament of Holy Orders, through which the world is graced by the true descendants and representatives of Jesus Christ. Through these His Body hears Christ’s voice and sees Christ’s figure. The Church on Earth is not left without a shepherd; God knows what we need and He fills our lands with Himself through His priests.

There are seven of these splendid Sacraments of the Church, seven great lights of love that fuse soul to soul and body to body, heart to heart and spirit to spirit, lights that throw the shadows of the world into disarray and fuse millions of souls into a single shout of joy. Sacramental Catholics living in the oneness of the Church, your grace is the world’s deepest need and delight.

Holy Church, most loved and most sacred, the Sacraments are only a few of the clean spirits that dwell in your meadows. What shall I say of the Dogmas, to what can I compare them? They are standards on the hilltops, billowing flags caught in the wind’s gusts. Plunge your teeth into the richness of this cake; let the flavor shock you to the quick! In the hues of these flags, the fields are filled with color and wisdom springs from every tongue. The name written on these banners is The Word of God, and the song of these spirits fills the valleys with peace. Depart from them and you will walk in a desert without sign or direction; shut your ears to their song and you will be left only with your imagination playing tricks on you in the howling of the wind.

Who else of this Church’s company shall I praise? The Holy Scripture of God, surely! Seventy-three books, Seven of Perfection and Three of the Trinity, Perfection of the Trinity, speak to my soul today and every day. Most holy Book of God, infallible and incorruptible in your pure form, you stand with two other great witnesses of the glory of God, a trinity following the path of Israel’s knowledge, which grew into the Catholic faith.
You stand, Holy Scripture, with your life-transforming words in the company of Sacred Tradition and the Magesterium of God, each infallible, each immortal, each spoken of in Israel in the past and known now in the completeness with which God has exposed their magnificence. Hear them, oh world! Hear the voice of God shouting to humanity in deafening tones of authority and grace! Hear these mutually supporting friends, these one companions that have loved one another and been in one another’s bosom from the beginning.

Christians, hear the wisdom of the Israelites who received the infallible written word from the Pentateuch, the infallible tradition from the Psalms and other Old Testament books till they became canon much later, and the infallible spoken word from the mouths of the prophets who spoke to them in the flesh through the Holy Spirit. Hear the wisdom of the Israelites who were precursors in their tradition, scripture and spoken infallible word to the Church God made, He who released the totally pure and complete Tradition, Scripture and Magesterium alive in the bosom of the Church He made! This Church, this holy and pure Church, Catholic and Apostolic, the New Israel and the New Kingdom of David, she stands on these three pillars and she trusts them as voices of God.

Oh Church, blessed with infallibility, in you rest Sacraments, Dogmas and imperial guides, Scripture, Magesterium and Tradition, the holy lights of Heaven. In you is total fusion between mankind and Godhead, surrounded by the faithful witness of the first centuries of Christians whose blood testifies that they lived for Truth. Incomparable Church, your heart is in love with the world, spilling out in more charity than any organization in the world, spilling out charity and gifts, inventing the scientific method and the education systems of the world, inventing the basis of modern law and economics, fashioning social order in unity with the true nature of love throughout your history; you are the love of Christ on Earth.


Oh Church of Jesus, Church Jesus founded on Peter, yours are the great guides and thrones and temples. In you is the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, the Shepherd of the Faithful, he whose name is Aaron, who wields the staff of Moses and speaks with his voice. Moses represented Jesus for the people of Israel, and Aaron spoke with his voice and raised his staff, leading the people as high priest on Moses’ behalf, and Aaron’s sons followed him. Peter, your “sons” are with us to this day, descended from your succession when you laid hands on the first and gave him the authority Christ had given you: “You are the Rock, and upon this Rock I will build my Church.” The gates of Hell have never overthrown you, Church of God, as you hold to this Rock that Jesus gave you and cherish his guidance with love, even when he fails.

What splendor there is in your priestly robes, son of Aaron, princely Peter! What splendor is there in the robes with which Jesus Christ has adorned you! The light of Christ shines from your face because of your office, in spite of the corruption and failures of some of you; God spoke through the lips of the high priest Caiaphas in spite of his sins (John 11:51-52), and He never ceases to speak through you, most blessed son of Peter’s ordination and mantle. What splendor is there in the guides God has given you, Church of God. Holiness clothes most of the popes as a hallowed mantle; a mere handful suffer the finger pointing of many. You lovers of God and friends of His family, what have we faithless done to deserve your leadership and to stand in your company? Saints of God, holy lovers of Christ! Sing the chorus of God’s Word from the heights of Church hierarchy that all the world might praise Him in the truth that emanates, continuous and unchanging, from your steady lips!

Popes, guides and servants, followers of Peter who knelt at Christ’s feet, we will follow you, as our Savior has taught us.

Oh bright lights of the Church! Your Magesterium and your Pope to us are Christ and the Heavenly council of God on Earth (Rev. 4:4)! These are the meanings of your richness and your glory! What splendor radiates from you, what wisdom and what righteousness! Amen!

Our Pope guides us, yet in Aaron, our Peter, I have spoken only of one of the guides of the Church. What would any of us be without Christ’s Mother to lead us, His Queen who loves us, the Tabernacle in which Jesus dwells, the Sacred Ark, kept totally pure so that the Heavenly Bread and Authority of Jesus might be placed within. Oh Heavenly Mother, you are the Queen of the Church, with the Pope only a princely subject; forget this Earth of which you are Mother—you are Queen of the entire Universe, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces, Advocate for the entire world! You are a lover so fastened upon us that nothing we do will ever cause you to let go. You worship your Son in every thought and deed, and nothing we do or say that glorifies you do you fail to turn to your Son’s glory and use to deepen our union with Him.

Full of Grace, Mother of Grace, Lover of Grace, through you we find hope, love and mercy, through you we find the entire glory of Heaven unleashed; in you is the brightness of the Catholic Church, for Jesus comes from your womb and no other. Without you, all would fail and die. The greenery of life springs from within you, and only through your intercession Christ is born in souls. The Holy Spirit springs to the heart where He finds you, and as your saint (Louis de Montfort) says, there in you He conceives Jesus. Christ comes through you, Immaculate pathway to Jesus. May we be assumed into Heaven with you, you who are most glorified beside God in the entire created order. Masterpiece, witch of our hearts, cleanest light of the Church’s grace, to you the Church devotes yourselves in subservience to Jesus’ teaching, “Son, behold your Mother,” for truly, all generations find you blessed, and your soul magnifies the Lord.

The Communion of Saints are in this Church Triumphant mounted upon thrones in deep, penetrating unity with the Church on Earth. Many non-Catholics see those in Heaven as far off, as coldly separating themselves from their family on Earth because “their own race is done.” Yet in this Church, God and humanity’s lovers are not negligent from offering guidance, protection, blessings and graces, for they have true power and they love to use it with Jesus and in Jesus on behalf of all those He loves. Here they are ascendant in might, and by praying to them for intercession, souls on Earth gain great purity. The family of Heaven is one with its members on Earth, one majestic and fully integrated Body of Christ, not two separate groups. Heaven has come down to Earth out of love for this One Church, the saints above driving the sinners below closer and closer to God.

Oh Church of Jesus Christ, how have I deserved to be united with you? Every part of your soul beckons the heart toward your Head, Christ Jesus, who is the final end of all things. How have I deserved to even look on your children? To be counted among their company is an honor far beyond any desert that merits or works of mine could ever forge. I am undeserving to be near the least of your children, and yet you, on behalf of your Lord, the only God, have deigned to place me among your flock. Oh Catholic Church, Bride of Jesus, you give Him birth in a billion souls! How have I deserved that the Mother of my Lord should come to me? Your grace, I could never merit. Holy Church of God, to look on this family hurts the heart with pain, for love of you. Your oneness is the hope of salvation.

That’s my praise. Please share your love of Catholicism!


"Glory! Glory! Glory! " :harp:



Oh wow, such immense detail! Very good Lief!! :slight_smile: God bless you brother!!!


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