Low Basel Temp


Hey all!
I know I saw info on low basel temp somewhere else on the board, but I haven’t been able to find it!
My temp runs between 95.9-97.6 and I have been told by my NFP teaching couple that I probably have a thyroid issue. I have had it checked before, and it was "normal"
What all do I need to ask for when I have my thyroid checked?

Also, where can I find a listing of NFP doctors?


I also had a low basal temp. I had symptoms of low thyroid but the tests always came back normal. Then at the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha they tested the T3-rT3 ratio. The ratio was abnormal. After taking prescription time-release T3, the ratio is now normal and my basal temp is normal.

rT3 is Reverse T3. Not all doctors do this blood test but you can call the Institute to find out more.


Along with fixing my basal temp, will it also help with the weight problem?


NFP Dr Listing

thyroid article by Marilyn Shannon



Does anybody know… is it always a sign of health problems when one’s temperature is consistently low? Or do some women have low basal temps for no apparent reason?


I’ll put it this way, in ~10 years of hanging out in NFP fora on the net, nearly every instance I’ve seen of a woman having a low BBT has eventually been identified as a hypo-thyroid issue of some sort. For some it takes a few years before they find a doc willing to run the other tests and treat it appropriately, but yeah, it is usually a health issue in the form of low thyroid causing it.


Thanks for the article link. Amazingly I had never read that particular one before! Another one to add to my links list that we give out when promoting NFP at Engaged Encounter weekends. Thank you!

The other article on thyroid by Marilyn Shannon that I had was just in Family Foundations, and of course I share my multiple copies of Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition. It is so great to have more web articles to link to!

Praise be to God that He gave us these amazing signs to live healthier lives!


It didn’t with me but there were other hormonal issues as well. Each person is different.


What is considered low?


Anything below 97 is really low. In the article referenced by Jennifer J, Marilyn Shannon quotes Dr. Broda’s work showing temps in the mid 97s to even be considered low.


Wow my pre-ovulation temps are usually between 96.8 and 97.2 depending on the cycle. I never thought anything of it. When I ovulate it usually jumps between 97.7 and 98.


Just a word of caution. No one has mentioned Wilson’s syndrome specifically but Wilson is mentioned in the article by Marilyn Shannon upthread. This article is critical of Wilson’s approach as is Quackwatch. On the other hand I found this on the use of natural progesterone by women with similar symptoms.

As someone with a low BBT I’m interested in how it really affects me and if it’s treatable. Before I start treatment that could be harmful.


My generally very low BBTs were found to be from my PCOS. Thyroid checked out OK, but all my other hormones were a mess. You should get checked by a Reproductive Endocrinologist, or at least a Creighton trained doctor. Regular doctors, even OBs, don’t have a clue. I learned that the hard way.


The progesterone URL provided is at a website which is selling a product.
Although some may have problems with Dr. Wilson’s theory, it is being taken seriously enough to be investigated by my physician.

I think that Teakafrog offers excellent advice.


Will fixing my thyroid help with my weight issue? My weight was the initial reason my thyroid was checked…


Wow. Sorry, I had to jump in here. My life has been DRAMATICALLY changed thanks to Dr. Wilson, and I literally pray for him and thank God regularly that his work came into my life.

I suffered for nearly 15 years … everything from low energy, constant steady weight gain no matter WHAT I did, depression, extremely low body temp (regularly in the 96 degree range, and sometimes even in the 94 range), etc etc etc. Every thyroid test run (including rT3) showed normal, though I had every symptom of hypothyroidism. The doctors thought it was all in my head (never mind the physical symptoms they could not explain) and actually had me on anti-depressents for over a year (that, and riddlin for my low energy :eek: )

Through God’s Providence I one day happened upon an internet radio broadcast that had a lady describing her symptoms (just like mine) and talking about how a Dr. Wilson changed her life (it was an aside, not even about Wilson at all).

That moment changed my life. Though it took me 6 months to find someone to take the chance and treat me, it was worth it. I have lost 35 pounds. I have energy. I am happy. My temp is much much higher. I have a new life. Last year my doctor asked me if I knew how many people he has been able to help since I brought this to him. What a blessing! And I pray for Dr. Wilson all the time.

Just my personal experience.
God Bless you, and may you find your path to healing!
Love, Cricket




Sadly I gained weight when my thyroid got fixed. I had been severely underweight and very unhealthy. I had to eat so much to maintain my sick body that when I got healthy the weight came on fast. For normal people it probably would help but I have no data for that guess.

Thyroid troubles affect how our bodies circulate hormones. If your weight issue is because of tiredness so lack of exercise then if that is fixed you will have more energy to get out moving. When my thyroid was bad I would get very lethargic. No matter how much I wanted to do something, I just lacked the energy.

Getting it fixed will help life overall. That I know. Even heavier now I have more energy than I did when I was super skinny. DH just says I’m more “fat and sassy” now. But I think that is related to my current pregnancy not my thyroid. :o:D He says it as a compliment. I used to be scary skinny. He’s only seen pictures of that. He says, “Don’t do that again.” He bought me a pack of 100 sheets of nori for me to snack on to keep my iodine up so my thyroid works correctly. He’s so great!


I have almost all the symptoms, and I’ve known for awhile. The worst right now is chronic fatigue. I mentioned the thyroid possibility to my doctor, but the tests came back negative. Does anyone know how I can find a doctor who will look into this?


I’m interested in this, too, because my BBTs are consistently below 97 degrees when not pregnant, but jump above 98 degrees when I am. As a child, every time I went to a well-kid check up, my temps were always in the 97s - in the middle of the day.

I don’t seem to have anything wrong with me. Doctors and my NFP teaching couple have told me that temps in the 96s-97s are just normal for me. Who knows? I am a fairly thin person… Is being thin connected with low temps/thyroid issues? I always thought low temps correlated with being heavier. What are the other signs of thyroid malfunction?

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