Low-Level Staffer Requested Security Clearances for Trump's Kids: Sources


The Trump transition team is saying that a low-level staffer requested security clearances for three of Donald Trump’s children, according to a top aide.

According to the aide, the request was made “without authorization” and the staffer, who is no longer with the team, “overstepped his boundaries.”

Sources say the request was not made by the president-elect.


We speculated about this yesterday. Looks like Trump didn’t request the clearances and the request was pulled back.


Sad that so many clasp on to everything they see online or in the MSM.


You can Never be to careful , anyone &. Everyone should have a clearance level when around things of National Security , What if they overheard chatter concerning national security , varying degree of chatter happen in the Corridors of power ,
Might start at very low level of security , then staff gain confidence of trump family ,
Then the risk rises ,that’s human nature


thanks for the clarification!


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