Low Mass on Sundays

Can the priest skip reading the epistle and gospel in the vernacular and/or skip a homily too? Or since it is Sunday do they have to be read ?

They don’t have to read them in the vernacular at all, but they usually will in several different ways. They can’t skip either. A sermon is not required but is reccomended in the Traditional Mass but they also usually have them on Sundays.


For what it is worth, in the history of our Indult Mass, we have had priests who read both the epistle and gospel in English, and those who have read just the gospel in English. Recently we have had those who only read the gospel. They have, however, often refered to the epistle in their sermon.

The Indult Masses I go to, the Epistle and Gospel are not read in the vernacular during the Priest’s homily, or at any other point in the Mass.

The only time I’ve seen this done, is when I went to a Sunday Low Mass at an ICRSS Apostolate in Liverpool. The Priest read the Gospel again, in the vernacular at the start of his homily.

At the indult parish that I go to and used to frequent, the Epistle and Gospel are read in English right after they are read/sung in Latin and a homily is given, in the High Mass. The one Low Mass I’ve ever been to on a Sunday, the same thing happened as at the High Masses I’ve been to.

At most daily Low Masses I’ve been to, the readings are not read in English and a homily is not given.

I’ve seen them done two ways. Two Priests read the Epistle and Gospel simultaneously in both Latin and the vernacular. That works well with two priests or with one Priest and a Deacon. Then the primary Priest gives the sermon Here in San Diego that read the Epistle and the Gospel both in Latin, then re-read them in the vernacular. the Priest then gives the sermon, oops, homily… I never quite got used to that word.

At our indult (usually low mass) the priest reads the epistle, gradual and gospel in the vernacular in additional to a homily.

As far as I’m aware, the priest reads them in the vernacular out of courtesy for those that don’t have missals with them. It’s not required (they are read as part of the sermon) so essentially the priest is just being nice.

At the indult Masses I’ve been to, if it is a daily Mass, the epistle and Gospel are not read in English, and there is no sermon. If it is a Sunday Mass, the epistle is read (in Low Mass) or sung (in High Mass) in Latin but not in English. The Gospel is read in English after being read in Latin (during Low Mass) or sung in Latin (during High Mass). There has always been a sermon in the Sunday Mass, following the reading of the Gospel in English.

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