Low Mass Question

Are the altar boys the only ones who should say the responses during mass? At high mass I know we all can take part.

At the church I attend the altar boys are the only ones to respond…although we respond at the “Domine non sum dignus…”

I understand that there are some parishes where there is a dialog Mass, but I am not sure about the extent of response. What the members here told me before I started going to Latin mass was to call the parish, which I did and talked to the Father and he kind if “filled me in.”:slight_smile:


If by responses you mean the prayers at the foot of the Altar, then yes, the Altar boy makes the responses on behalf of the Congregation.

In High Mass I think you mean the responses of “et cum Spiritu tuo”, “Amen” and the like. Yes, congregations can join in the singing of these responses and the singing of the Ordinary, where it is the norm to do so. Prayers at the foot of the altar and the like, one cannot say them in a High Mass, as the Introit is being sung at the same time.

In the Dialogue Mass one can join in with the prayers at the foot of the Altar… although I have never been to such a Mass, so I don’t know at first hand the proper procedure.

At Low Mass the congregation may respond to the responses designated for them AFTER the prayers at the foot of the altar. The same at Solemn Mass (the responses are sung and if the congregation needs assistance with the melody the organ accompanies their response).

In “Dialogue Mass” the people respond with the server for all the responses including the prayers at the foot of the altar.


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