Low tide reveals new border crossing into Texas


BROWNSVILLE, TX (KRGV/CNN) – A low tide has revealed a new border crossing into Texas.

This week, the low tide near the mouth of the Rio Grande in Texas showed a sandbar connecting Mexico and the U.S. That’s a walkway in the water between the two countries.

The low tide is expected to last for several days. The water is six to 10 inches lower than normal.

U.S. Border Patrol agents say they are monitoring the area.



Nothing new there. Some years, the river doesn’t even reach the Gulf. Dry land from Brownsville to Matamoros.



Yes, the sandbar has been an ongoing problem. The US Border Patrol posts a couple officers there to keep people from accidentally straying into Mexico.

Sadly, the Rio Grande isn’t so grand by the time it reaches Brownsville/Matamoros. Too much water is being diverted for irrigation.


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