Loyal dog continues to attend mass at church where owner’s funeral was held

Sad. Yet, uplifting story.


No one on this earth can convince me that animals are not in heaven.

Unfortunately, the Church teaches otherwise. At times I cannot help but think that they deserve Heaven far more than we do. They are often more loving, obedient, and noble than us by a long shot.

Loyal dog shows up at church every day after owner dies
Call him Ciccio the Faithful. This 12-year-old German shepherd, who has attended church every day since his owner died in November, used to escort her to church every afternoon when she was alive. Now he heads to Santa Maria Assunta church in San Donaci, Italy, the moment the bells start chiming. Ciccio last accompanied his owner when bearers carried her coffin into the church. The priest doesn’t have the heart to shoo him away, letting him sit by the altar during services. Compassionate villagers feed and water him, but the priest hopes he’ll find a real home soon. He’d make a great friend for Capitán, the shepherd who sleeps on his owner’s grave.

Ciccio, aka Tommy, a German shepherd who continues to attend the same church as his owner before she passed away.





what a sweet dog.
i sure hope someone gives him a home soon.
poor guy. breaks my heart to see him alone like that.:frowning:

This is so touching.

I wish heaven would be like heaven in Narnia, where we could communicate with animals.


What a beautiful symbol of God’s love for us - even when we’re not ‘there’, God still keeps coming back to look for us.

Please local parishioners, a new loving home for this poor dog! And if heaven is the place of joy and peace we believe it to be, it must offer a way to stay connected to all we have loved and have loved us in this life.

This dog is sooo cute!

I sent this to my dog-loving friends…there are similar stories out there also. They are very loyal and I hope someone adopts him AND keeps taking him to church. : )

No one knows what heaven brings, I loved a story of a young girl who was dieing and said her cats name as she reached out…no one could convince her mother she didn’t see her beloved dead cat as she passed on and why should they? When people argue about that (and even Pope John Paul said encouraging words on this) it’s for what purpose?

The loyalty and love God gave us through these pets and other animals is a blessing.

Breaks my heart…

What a beautiful tribute to the bond of love that was between them.

This is so sweet. A good heart warming storynow.msn.com/ciccio-the-german-shepherd-attends-church-every-day-since-owner-died

The dog looks so sad.

A good argument to me that pets should go to heaven to be with their masters.

That is a very sweet story indeed, and a sad one as well, to know that here is a creature who had a connection with a person and can remember that particular Church being something significant. That dog truly needs a loving companion to adopt him an make him apart of a new and loving family. Amazing it has not happened yet, I would have stepped up to adopt that dog after the first day.

something to be said about a dog that can attend mass daily out of a learned behaviour an with a connection to a person, versus an unconditional love that is uncompariable that Christ has for us and we let society drag us down from attending mass daily. An hour to celebrate on Sunday and thirty minutes during the weekday ( at least at the Mass I have been to during the week it only takes thirty minutes ) .

Seems so easy… I dunno…

It does make me miss my dogs , but in turn I realize i need to build that same type of relationship i had with my dogs with people and Christ, more over a better one.

God has given us such wonderful creatures to be our companions.

Ya know I thought the samething. If a dog can go to daily mass even when not told, I could do so much better in my own life. Never thought a dog would teach me a moral lesson lol

Wow thank you so much for that story!! What a cool dog, and he’s so obedient, in the pictures he is just sitting nicely. My dog could never do that haha. I hope someone adopts him he sounds like an amazing companion:)

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