Loyal dog continues to attend mass at church where owner’s funeral was held

My basset would do two things…Bark during hymns and go around asking people to pet her.

The Catechism does indeed teach that animal souls do not survive death but that is no reason to give up hope.

It is well within the infinite power of God to recreate our beloved pets, if it be His will. So maybe there maybe pets in heaven after all, living together with their masters and death was a mere interruption. :slight_smile:

My golden retriever is quite laid-back and probably would behave at mass. She does like it when I read aloud from the Bible. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah my dog Murphy (westie) would start howling during the hymns and start sprinting down the aisles, and if there were any papers on the ground he would rip them to shreds.

How is she so obedient?!?


Goldens are just like that. They love their humans and don’t want to cause any problems. They are, IMO, the best family dog. They’re mellow, loyal, very obedient and LOVE children. And they play fetch until you can’t stand up any more!


This dog’s loyalty and puts me to shame.


This is a great example of legitimate speculation.

Ciccio obviously believes in the resurrection of the body.

I think it is the wonderful golden retriever temperament. I was told she would make a wonderful therapy dog but I never got around to getting her therapy dog certification.

She’s passed on.


So sorry. I had to put my “baby girl” to sleep because the cancer thought it wanted her more than I did. I hate it when animals die.


Discuss the story, if you wish to discuss theology, this is not really the right forum for that.

One article I read indicated that the dog learned to respond to the ringing of the church bells.

The dog’s obviously a Franciscan. :smiley:

I love dogs as much as anyone else here, but considering the other thread about the liturgy, does a dog belong at the Mass?

Probably not. It’s not (as far as i know) really doing anything, and it’s not really sitting up on the alter so it’s probably just serving as a distraction to the mass at the most. Probably won’t be too long before someone adopts him so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

A priest in our area had a dog who attended Mass regularly, quietly sitting in an out-of-way place. Of course, the priest wouldn’t allow the dog in the communion line because he had been neutered. And, he accepted treats from liberals. :smiley: OK, OK … only the 1st sentence is true!

The priest in my parish has his dog wait in the sacristy whenever he celebrates mass.

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