in the 1760s nearly if not every british citizen in the colonies was loyal to the crown. it was until they were pushed to the brink that the loyaliest of citizens turned and decided they must rebel. that man had unalienable rights bestowed upon him by the Creator, that no ruler coudl abridge. and that when any ruler tried to encroach on those freedoms and rights they had no right to rule.

in a day and age when goverments worldwide call good evil and evil good, and they legalize the murder of the most innocent among us. how long must we remain loyal. i know we should give to cesar what is cesar’s. but the unborn arn’t for the taking. why do we just let it happen?

so i guess my main question is:
is there a point where Catholics can no longer in good conscience obey the U.S.A. goverment? can we ever be justified in rebellion? or must we be sheep to the masses until the end?

It’s funny that I have been thinking something along the same lines recently. I live ‘on the other side of the pond’ but we still have the same issues and quandaries here when it comes to election time. I guess I am ‘lucky’ in a (albeit perverse) way that abortion has never figured as an election issue (or not in my time anyway) and so our decision is made on either ‘what can this party to for me’ or ‘what can this party do for the country as a whole’.

The trouble is that both parties are as sleazy and non-Christian as you can get - the family is constantly undermined & everyone has freedom of speach and religion - **unless **you are Christian. There was discussion lately about reverting a law where Catholics are forbidden from taking the throne - well you should have heard the outcry :mad:

I don’t know about US voting papers but I wish ours would have a ‘none of the above’ section rather than not turning out to vote. I wish I could show that I am not apathetic but just don’t agree with ANYONE that is standing. And if it could be ‘I appose all these people on religious / moral grounds’ it would be even better!

I don’t know why Catholics can’t get together and form some kind of religious political party - surely there are enough of us and that we hold pretty much the same views. Or maybe we could do as muslims do and the Jewish nation did - try to find a homeland where we could support our leaders. Of course there are a few billion of us worldwide maybe a continent would be more use rather than a country !

I’m not American and nor do I live there but you only have two political parties there - Republicans and Democrats.
Rebel against whom?? Abortion is and has been legal under both parties!!

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