Loyola LIMEX program

Has anyone participated and/or graduated from the distance learning program from Loyola University’s LIMEX program? I am considering enrolling, but wanted some candid thoughts from anyone who may have taken part in the program.


I finished half of the program and then dropped out about two years ago. It started to really effect me spiritually in an unhealthy way. The focus is on understanding the cultural/historical perspective of aspects of our faith and then relating/applying that to your own experience. Although this perspective can be extremely beneficial in some instances; with out a strong foundation in what the church teaches and why, one could be easily led astray or become complacent… “my truth is different from your truth.”

With that said, it bothers me that I did not finish and have made a decision to complete the program beginning this Fall; I am too far along to start over in a different program. However, I feel like I am in a better place now to accept and understand the difference between a theologian sharing their opinion and a Bishop or theologian defining a teaching accepted by the Church.

Although I realize this post sounds negative I really do not feel as if it is a horrible program. I would not recommend this program to someone who is not well rooted in their faith already, and who does not have a firm understanding of what the church teaches and why.

People who could benefit from this program are: people who already have a firm understanding of Catholic teaching, do not have a lot of money to spend on a graduate degree and want to have an understanding on how and why liberal or progressive Catholics think the way they do.

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