Loyola Marymount cancels abortion coverage amid faculty protests


Abortion coverage in health-care plans is about to get the axe at Loyola Marymount University, but the step taken by the Jesuit college’s administration to follow Catholic teaching has raised protests from many of the faculty. **“LMU can either be a great American Catholic university in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions or it can be an institution that demands obedience to and conformity with Catholic doctrine; **it cannot be both,” stated a letter written by a group of faculty to the school’s president, David Burcham, and the board of trustees’ chairwoman, Kathleen Aikenhead.

What on earth are these people thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!

The letter represents a misunderstanding of academic freedom. There is a difference between freedom of inquiry and discussion, e.g., on abortion, and facilitating engaging in abortion. One may discuss sin without facilitating it. It is refreshing that the Marymount leadership is able to distinguish the difference, even though some of the faculty regrettably cannot.

Dear angry faculty:

Enclosed is a blank resignation letter that I’ve prepared for your convenience. Please print and sign your name at the bottom in order to demonstrate your uncompromising disappointment with the leadership of this university.


University Presidident.



I don’t know, but if layoffs are necessary at some point, HR’s job just got a bit easier.

Interesting how the word “Catholic” in the proposed choice is only found in the first option.
Disagree with them (funding abortions of all things it looks like) and LMU might not be “Catholic” … just “an institution” ! Also what they think is “great” – is bizarre.

Kudos to the LMU Administration! LMU students: … note well the names of these “many of the faculty” people if those names ever come out of the shadows. You will not learn much lasting from such people.

In that college students are in their late teens and early twenties – some of this faculty ilk was possibly favoring abortion back when these students themselves were helpless in the womb (as we all were once).

OH, and the co-opting of the “Jesuit and Marymount traditions” should be noted as well as the co-opting of the term “Catholic”.

WHY does this GROUP get to be anonymous while the Administration’s people (that the letter was addressed to) are named? Slanted Journalism. Sloppy at best. Devious if purposefully done. What kind of Star Chamber, acting in the shadows kind of stuff is this that the press is going along with? Or did the reporter’s specifics regarding the “who(s)” in the complaining pro-abort group – “get the axe” by an editor (due to space and not content one would hope)?

Luke 18:6 The Lord said, "Pay attention to what the dishonest judge says.

7 Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night? Will he be slow to answer them?

8 I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily. But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?"

I reflected on this scripture here for two reasons. It mentions justice and God’s delivering of it.

Deliberately aborting a baby is almost always an injustice. Accidentally losing a baby while helping the mother, of course, is another case. Apparently the blood of the innocents is not enough for some. They must co-opt the faithful into colluding with their deeds. And make the Church a co-conspirator. And make the students who are just trying to get an education pay for their bloody notions of “greatness”. They posture and pose as “better Catholics” and ever so much more representative of true academia – yet cloak themselves in group anonymity (it appears, or else where are the names?).

I felt the same way about the cowardly jackal pack of “University professors” who crusaded against the falsely accused Lacrosse team at Duke to make their PC points. No one at Duke should ever take a class from one of those IMO, or one of these signatories at LMU. This is more than disgraceful.

insidehighered.com/views/2006/05/01/johnson < commentary on the Duke case, where 88 faculty members called for expulsion of the entire Lacrosse team from the University in a politically charged (like the LMU letter here) screed including such inflammatory class warfare phrases as:

"To act against “violent, white, male, athletic privilege,” he urged the “immediate dismissals” of “the team itself and its players.”

… in its overreach of justice (calling for potential expulsion of 46 people, when the case - that later found the accused team members “not guilty” of the charges - involved just the handful of players present at the incident. Since the number 88 is easier to report than 88 names … the activist faculty at Duke had anonymity of sorts. Not so the Lacrosse team, which had a picture of them published with each name noted. :mad: Here is the cloak of anonymity again at LMU.

Waiting to hear what Los Angeles’ Archbishop Jose Gomez says about this.

If he says nothing … it may be because he assents to the LMU administration’s principled policy stand. :thumbsup: Should he (gasp :eek:) somehow weigh in on the side of these pro-abort faculty scolds … I will ponder at greater depth the last sentence of Luke 18:8 (above) with no small measure of spiritual distress. :sad_yes:

But that, thank heavens, has got to be VERY unlikely. Doesn’t it?

It is good that they are cancelling the coverage but they should of never has such coverage.

YES! (To the second power) 2x per two sentences. :thumbsup:

Sad. St. Ignatius must be rolling in his grave. His entire goal in founding the Jesuits was to have an order that would be obedient and loyal to the Church, that would answer to the pope.

But now the Jesuit tradition is invoked to OPPOSE the Tradition and authority of the Church? These people saying a university can either be Jesuit or loyal to the Magisterium, but not both, is EXACTLY the opposite of this great saint’s (the founder of the Jesuit tradition that they so adore) philosophy. :banghead: How did it come to this?

St. Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us.

Funny this should happen under a Jesuit Pope. Perhaps they were rightfully ashamed that they were acting contrary to what their brother Jesuit preaches? If so, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Now before we were so rudely interrupted by Satan…:slight_smile:


Interesting that the objecting group thinks it is not possible to be a great university in the Jesuit tradition unless it is open minded enough to pay for the killing of unborn children.

And that women are empowered when someone else pays for killing their children.

Exactly right!!

Very wise!

The trouble is that LMU does not self-insure, so it’s the insurance providers that offer abortions. It’s only recently that LMU has been able to work out a solution to drop abortions from their coverage. But because of CA state law, unfortunately, the insurance provider still has to provide contraceptives. :shrug:

Perhaps this is one of the big benefits of having a Jesuit pope. Maybe many of these liberal Jesuit universities will see the errors of their ways with the supposed ‘contrary to Tradition’ teachings to things like abortion going by the wayside. We can only pray this is the beginning of many good things to come.

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