Lucas Black on Golf, God, and 'Utopia'

Lucas Black once turned down a movie role because the director wanted him to drop his thick Southern accent—he grew up in Alabama—and use a less distinctive dialect. This is a self-described "country boy" who not only sticks to his drawl, but to his principles.

Black, 28, grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, and takes his faith seriously. Which is why he's attracted to movies like Seven Days in Utopia, which opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow.
You grew up as a Southern Baptist, right?
I did. But my wife is Catholic, so we go to the Catholic church a lot. But when I go home, I still go to church with mom. We all believe in the same God, so, that's all that matters.

You don't seem to be the Hollywood type. Have you ever lived there?
No, I haven't. And I never will either. I just can't do it, mentally. I'm a country boy and too much of the city just wears me out.

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