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Recently I’ve been getting into Lucid Dreaming. I started to wonder if I sinned in a lucid dream state, would it count as a real life sin, or since it never happened, would it not count?


The question would come down to how much control we actually have when lucid dreaming. I don’t know that there’s an answer to this, so it would be hard to gauge.

However, if you are practicing lucid dreaming techniques with the intent of engaging in sinful activities in your dreams then you would be culpable for the sins because you actively intend them.


Another New Age practice. Why would you want to dabble in this?


I don’t find it to be “New Age”. It’s been around for a while and is completely natural to the body. It is simply being aware of a construct of your mind and controlling certain aspects of it.


Dreaming is not “New Age”. Dreaming, lucid or otherwise is fundamental to human nature.


If you intentionally try to dream of impure and sinful stuff I’d wager you are sinning. After all, you got full intent there. :man_shrugging:


Lucid dreams are a normal neurological phenomena.


Thanks! By the way, love your accordian playing!


Are you trying to dream inappropriate material? “Lucid” dreaming is still dreaming. It’s not full consciousness. You can’t truly consent. However, if you’re going to bed with the intention of doing bad things in a lucid dream… well, what happens in the dream itself may not be sinful, but the intent going into it can be an issue.


So there are mind constructions of your own, made rationally, that you can dream while awake?

I think “New Age” is more like concentrating and building a vision you know you must see and if you “dream” something else you go back to it and turn it into what you must see. Like self-hypnosis. It’s not dreaming it’s meditating and I think that’s how they call it. But I am not sure,


Here’s what Jimmy Akin had to say:


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