Lucifer painting in the vatican?

My sister who converted to protestantism says there is a painting of lucifer inside the vatican and therefore it is satanic. Does anyone know anything of this?

Apparently your sister does. It is up to her to produce such an image, rather than for you to prove the negative, that such an image does not exist.

However, :twocents: your sister also needs demonstrate how the existence of “a painting” proves the link to satanism. The Vatican holds extensive collected artworks and illuminated manuscripts, and I would be absolutely gobsmacked if there are not multiple images of Lucifer among them – But that is no “proof” that the Vatican is satanic.

For instance: “Our nation’s attic”, the Smithsonian, also owns a painting of Lucifer* – Does that make the nation Satanic? The Smithsonian *also holds an illuminated manuscript of the bible – Does that make the nation Christian? How can it be both??

(* I made up both of those “facts”, but I hope you can see where I’m going with this)

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There are lots of crazy things on the internet trying to make people believe the vatican is secretly worshiping satan, whether its a painting or mysterious documents kept in the classified section of their library.

Ive read some very crazy things said about the vatican, but imo, that is just the secular world trying to make evil seem good and good evil or convincing people there is some secret agenda going on.

I know about The fall of Adam and Eve by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that depicts Satan as part human and part serpent.(source)

I’d say that if she is grabbing at such desperate straws to try to deny Catholicism then don’t even both answering her. Nothing you say or do will change her mind, just pray for her…

There are countless thousands of paintings depicting Lucifer in Vatican City, because it’s been an art repository for two thousand years.

It sounds like maybe your sister was exposed to some random anti-Catholic conspiracy website, of which there are also countless thousands.

There is a mosaic depiction of St Michael the Archangel defeating Satan, similar to this Guido Reni painting, that decorates St Michael’s altar in St Peter’s Basilica.

However, that’s hardly the sort of thing that would promote Satanism.

Becareful on what you read up. The Church has many enemies wanting to discredit Her.

Sigh. … Next she is going to tell you that they hold Black Masses in the basement of St. Peter’s basilica and sacrifice children on the nights of full moons.

And the “evidence” of such claims is a woman with 26 alter personalities and some man who has ritual abuse memories induced during hypnosis and some defrocked priest.

And don’t you know that the Vatican owns a high powered specialty telescope that they named L.U.C.I.F.E.R. that’s part of an observatory in the Southwest USA desert.

And if you can’t top that … there are some sealed police records of an investigation that describe all the atrocities of the Catholic Church … but these can never be made public.

You are supposed to respond to all of these unsubstantiated allegations by believing these things are true, disavowing your Catholic faith and joining some Protestant sect!

Yeah, right. Not. Not. Not. Not. And Not! Pardon my skeptical tone.

I truly think that some things are not worthy of a defense, but these things may be the basis for the next block-buster fiction (Catholic conspiracy) suspense novel. Seriously!

I don’t know about a painting of lucifer at the Vatican that makes the Church satanic, but I know that Lucifer is mentioned in the Bible. So, by her very logic, the Bible is, well…


That should do it.

:rotfl: My children’s picture bible has a painting of Satan tempting Jesus. Should I burn the whole book or just the page with the painting?

Before Catholics are baptized they explicitly and publicly confess that they reject Satan.

At least once a year at the Easter Vigil Mass, Catholics again publicly renew their rejection of Satan, when they renew their baptismal vows.

From 1886 until 1970, every low Mass ended with a prayer to St Michael for protection against Satan.

Every time Catholics pray the Lord’s Prayer (the Our Father Prayer), as part of every Mass, as part of the every Rosary and many other devotional prayers or by itself, they ask God to deliver them from Satan, the Evil One.

Clearly, Catholicism is the opposite of Satanic.

Thanks. I will just pray for her. I tried explaining to her that if that is true, the church is not satanic, it doesnt prove anything. And the church keepsakes a lot of art as well. But no explaining is good for her so prayer is probably best for now.

Just wait till Easter, when the next batch of allegations come up claiming the Catholic Church “prays to Lucifer” at the Easter Vigil.

Duane 1966

I don’t know for sure. But if you want to be on the safe side, I think you are going to have to burn the whole bible – offending picture and all. Ya know – guilt by association or “tainting.”

(Hopefully you know the above was said “tongue in cheek”.)

:clapping: That, was an ingenious reply.

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