Ludicrous claim about Christmas

Jeovah’s witness anyone?

Absolute hogwash not worth discussing in this board…the typical Jehovah Witness speil.

The whole argument comes from taking a couple of verses of Scripture out of context, and drawing incorrect conclusions from those verses.

Around Christmas time people tend to claim that Christmas is a pagan holiday, because it is celebrated on the same day as a pagan holiday used to be.
They don’t realize that it was meant to be a way of evangelizing pagans, to get them to celebrate a Christian holiday, rather than a pagan one.
Whoever wrote that article doesn’t seem to realize that Scripture is telling us not to do the evil things the pagans did for their “gods”. Not all of their customs are evil. Also, verse 29 of Deuteronomy 12, mentions not use the customs specifically of the nations that God had cut them off from. God did not cut them off from the Roman’s.


I wonder, when a JW quotes from sources like “Encyclopedia Americana” or “Encyclopedia Britannica” (which are the same things) to alternatively define a term that is based within the religion in which it was intended for…

Would they approve of the definition these same sources give for “Trinity”, “Hell” “Heresy” (specifically Arianism)? :shrug:

Should we use this reputable source to define cults? :shrug:

I could show references to them that would negate the article, but it would be a waste of time.

Why do you say that?

For your amusement, the rather humorous Lutheran Satire refutation of some of this:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

this made my day! Thank you!

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