Luis Palau - DC Festival

Has anyone been to a Luis Palau “Festival”, my wife has asked me to attend the festival with my family. Does anyone have any comments? Thanks.

As far as I know, it is an Evangelical or Pentecostal music revival sort of thing. I may be wrong…

Skip it and go to mass or Eucharistic Adoration instead.

Yes, I believe that it’s a Evangelical event. I wouldn’t miss Mass to attend it. But I think they’ve had these events in other parts of the country and was wondering if anyone else had attended them. I would prefer not to go but want to support my evangelical wife. Has any heard Luis Palau speak?

I understand supporting your wife in the “being there” sort of way. Still, the message you will hear preached is an incomplete Gospel. It will be an event that is HUGE, with people singing, hand up in the air, and getting all kinds of emotions going just because of the numbers of people. (not that that is ALL bad) Do you think this event would solidify your wifes faith as an Evangelical? If she is set on going and you are firm in YOUR faith, you may want to go just to see what she is being taught and experiencing.

I’m sure Palau is a mighty speaker, that is how he can fill stadiums. You’re in for a ride!

You could begin by checking out Palau’s website.

He’s a once saved always saved type who preaches mushy Christianity. He’s popular with those who don’t want it straight it seems. I wouldn’t recommend him.

I would go. Why put a rift between you and your wife? After the festival you can have a good discussion about your Faith and hers. Maybe point out some short comings, in a nice way of course! Besides, do you think you would be converted by going? Of course not!


The whole idea of these events is to generate a mass emotional “rush” in wich as many people as possible will come to the front at the end, and get “saved”.

The event will be heavily stage managed and orchestrated to this end. There will be emotional speeches, repetitive singing, and maybe “healings”. People are generally invited for one reason only - in the hope that they will go forward and “convert” at the meeting.

If I were you,you should go,but refrain from donating any money.Believe me,people like Mr.Palau,is just there to build his nest egg,using the Bible as a marketing tool!It’s nothing,but a financial issue.This is just my honest opinion!

Luis Palau is an Evangelical preacher and has crusades of sorts much like Billy Graham. I suppose in and of themselves they aren’t bad, however, you really need to understand that their theology is obviously Protestant and be on guard of your Catholic faith.

Even though I’ve never been to one I’ve been to a Billy Graham crusade when I was Baptist. Luis Palau may do as Billy Graham and ask people down to the front of the stage to pray the “sinners prayer” and ask Jesus to be their personal Lord and Savior. Again, this isn’t neccessarily a bad thing but certainly their theology of sola scriptura and being void of most of the sacrament will go against the Catholic Church’s teaching at some point. :slight_smile: If you go with your family, perhaps you could ask them to go with you sometime to Mass. If they agree you should brush up on you apologetics so that you can explain to them (especially the Eucharist) and most certainly from the Bible, what is going on during Mass and why we believe what we do.

christi simus non nostri (let us belong to Christ and not to ourselves)


Thanks again for everyone’s info/advice. For anyone else interested someone also wrote a letter about this to the Rock.

Well before I became Catholic I was an evangelical conservative. I helped set up one of Palau’s crusades here in the midwest. He is (as someone pointed out ) a Billy Graham type of preacher. As far as I know, and i haven’t seen or heard of him in years, is not into it for the money. I’ve always hear of him to be a straight-forward type of evangelist. It might be interesting to go to and then talk about it later as someone suggested. Anyway, hope that helped…

yes… he is an evangelical/pentecostal

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