Luke 10:16 in context


A Protestant I was debating with on the internet really brought up an interesting point about Luke 10:16. He noted correctly that Jesus was not talking to the Apostles in Luke 10:16, but rather to the 70 chosen to go throught the towns and proclaim the Gospel.

I was wondering, if Jesus only said this to the 70, can we really use Luke 10:16 to verify Apostolic Succesion? :shrug:


I guess I don’t understand the distinction. Are you saying that because Christ spoke to the 70, he granted them authority that Peter lacked?

Peter raised the dead after receiving authority from Christ himself. Tracing apostolic succession through Peter is about the only way it can be done through Scripture, correct?


I’m not aware that Luke 10:16 has ever been used to validate Apostolic Succession. Who has claimed this?



It’s here (just one example):

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