Luke 16: 26


In Luke 16: 16 this word is used *"chasma."

*Is it used in the Septuagint?

Is it used in the first chapter of Genesis?



I didn’t find it in Septuagint




It is found in the Septuagint at 2 Sam 18:17 (“And they took Absalom, and cast him into a great pit in the forest, and they laid an exceeding great heap of stories upon him: but all Israel fled to their own dwellings.” DRA) “χάσμα” is translated as “great pit” in this instance.

Also, just for clarification, the word is in Luke 16:26, not Luke 16:16 (just a slip of the keyboard I’m sure, but I looked at both just in case).



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My middle name is"typo"!


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