Luke 18:18-19 used by INC


I have a very high probability of being confronted by INC (Iglesias Ni Cristo) who don’t believe Jesus is God. I would like to be prepared for such a confrontation and I can see them using a passage from Luke’s gospel for their case.

And a ruler asked him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.” Luke 18:18-19

I’ve checked with both my Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and the Haddock Catholic Bible commentary and both don’t mention what Jesus meant in this. INC could use this verse saying that Jesus is claiming that He is no God. Can someone shed some light on this?


A Commentary on the New Testament, published in 1942 by The Catholic Biblical Association, on the parallel passage in Mark 10:18, on pages 217-218, says:
18. The man had addressed Jesus as Good Master, merely using a title of respect or perhaps a flattering greeting in order to win a favorable answer. Our Lord does not refuse absolutely the attribute implied in the word good, but He obscurely inculcates the true reason why He has a right to this attribute.

In other words, when Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone,” He did not mean, “Don’t call me good because only God is good and I’m not God.” Instead, when He said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone,” He meant, “You are right to call me good because only God is good and I am God.”


Oh thank you this helps a lot. If anyone has anything to add to this please do but this helps me.


be very cautious of debating with INC members,they very hypersensitive and can be vicious,as well.I used to debate w/ one of my best friends , day he took a bible from his church,refuting the trinity.we did compare my bible with his.when,we got to the verses of affirming the existence of trinity.there were no such verses in his bible,it was omitted .he was embarrassed that he threw the bible to the wall, and requested me not to debate w/ his faith anymore.this cult,once a member leaves ,they curse him/her to death.i have been surrounded by them and know more or less ,who they are. one time ,an acquaintance of mine whistled to a girl passing by their house.just after few minutes,male members of INC came to their house and killed his brother,thinking he was the one who whistled that girl.This incident reoccurred in another town . Be careful with them,as they could do harm to you and your family.Dont know,if you are aware ,but several yrs ago in the Philippines,five male catholic youth were burned to death and thrown into a creek ,after they defeated INC members in a basketball game.Culprits were sentenced to jail.


are you in the Philippines right now?


Hi Shaolen. Something else to keep in mind as you review that passage is that at the end of the story, Jesus has answered the lawyer by reciting only the commands from the second tablet (dealing with man’s interactions with man). He then tells him the sell his possessions (deny the world) and follow Him. Why didn’t Jesus tell him to follow the first tablet?

He did. He is the first tablet. He is the “good Teacher”, “good Master”, “good Shepherd” (off the top of my head). This passage is used by many that deny Jesus’s Divinity.


I don’t think it’s necessary TO deal with that one proof texted verse. This is the problem with sola scriptura. I would just counter with the Gospel according to Saint John 1:1 - 21:25. No proof texting. Just a prayerful read through of the entire Gospel. If they can’t come away from John with the knowledge certain of Christ’s divinity, then they’re simply not paying attention.

I’ve got a question for “Christian(?)” sects who don’t hold for the divinity of Jesus Christ, or the triune Godhead.

If Jesus isn’t God, what is the point of your religion/faith tradition? If Jesus is just an itinerant 1st century Jewish teacher or philosopher, then who really cares? How could you sustain a Church based on that? You may as well have a church based on Thomas Anthony Harris, because of his book I’m okay, You’re okay.

We are Christians, and we listen to Christ because of who Christ IS. Yes, He has some cool things to say, but it He were not God, I promise you, we wouldn’t be talking about His teachings 2,000 years hence.

So St. Luke phrased one sentence of his beautiful gospel unfortunately, (at least in English translation to the modern ear), and there is a faith group which is going to hold this up against 2,000 years of knowledge certain regarding the divinity of Christ? I don’t think you have much of a challenge ahead of you. Only the Holy Spirit can convert hearts and souls. We can only plant seeds on God’s behalf. I would, in all seriousness, recommend doing a bible study together on the Gospel according to John. Slowly. Over several weeks, with prayer to the Holy Spirit before each session. (if this is possible). If not, just recommend this reading to them, and let them know that their Luke quote is out of context with rest of everything else we know. That it isn’t worth spending time arguing over single sentences in holy scripture. Not this one, nor any other single verse.

Although, based on Hello 123’s post above, perhaps you shouldn’t discuss religion with these folks at all. The ones Hello is describing don’t sound like reasonable debate partners.

Best of luck,



no,im here in texas,bordertown.


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