Luke 19:11-28 Ten Gold Coins


I am looking for some ideas for practical application of Luke’s Gospel of the Ten Gold Coins. Thanks much!


The faith that God gave you is a gift, much like the one coin the servant gave. Use that gift as best you can to spread your faith and multiply it as much as you can. Maybe not very practical, but that’s the lesson that I understood.


When the servants were given the coins, they were told to “see what you can do with them while I’m gone.” That is what we are to do, whether it is with our witness of faith, our time, or our resources/income/wealth. If I have all the wealth in the world but keep it locked up for myself and don’t use it to help spread the Gospel, it is worthless. We have until the time of Christ’s return to invest in the lives of others and bring them to Christ.


I agree with this.

The op asked for practical ways to put this wisdom to good use. How, in other words might we evangelise productively. That would be my question and I think it’s a very important question too for many reasons but also because Our Lord warns us that if we don’t then we may be held accountable for our inaction.

Before I became a Catholic all my knowledge of Catholicism was gleaned from Hollywood films I’d seen over the years. I was never evangelised by a Catholic in any other way.


Interesting thoughts… :thinking:

I rarely talk about my faith with my non-Catholic friends, but they know I’m Catholic, and they know my faith directs my actions – like remaining celibate because I’m not married. For some reason, that strikes them as being the most insane way of living. :scream: :joy:

But I also hope they see other expressions of my faith. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I always pray God allows them to see in me whatever will lead them to faith.


If they see in you what I saw in the characters in the films then it will help in the same way it helped me.


Practical ways to put this to use? Buy fast food meals, water, coffee, whatever and give to homeless or those who stand on corners with signs asking for food. Include an inexpensive pamphlet type book of one of the Gospels, a rosary, a brochure of your parish Mass times and activities. Or just handout without the food when you’re out shopping, walking.



Thanks so much. Great suggestions.



Start by spreading the Good News to your immediate family. My brother and sister always look for me whenever they are feeling down and they love it whenever I use the knowledge I learn from Catholicism to make sense for them their sufferings. You can say, their inner fire is sparked and they are beginning to follow my footstep into roman catholicism.


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