Luke 8:17 read this & it made me think


Luke 8:17 “For nothing is hidden but it will be made clear, nothing secret but it will be made known and brought to light.”

Why do people think they can do anything and it won’t become known. All we do will be known and we can’t hide it or even deny it and say it isn’t wrong or that we didn’t do it. When we do this the only person we are lying to is ourself.

Just something I thought about this morning.


I think it starts in teenage years. There’s a pecking order and they’re all just trying to find their place in the world. Lying and denying ones actions become a habit and there’s often a progression into bigger or more serious things. People don’t initially realise that these things will ultimately become exposed, and so they don’t think they’ll ever be caught or found out.


“Murder will out.” That saying goes back as far as Chaucer, if not farther.


Everybody at some point have fooled themselves in to thinking that they can deceive God. People are pretty good at pretending that they are good and look down their nose at people. On judgement day everything will be laid bare, everyone will be shocked, that’s why it’s so important to admit that you a sinner and have God in mind with everything that we do.

I must say that i feel a comfort in knowing that God knows everything about me, every thought and deed. And that’s not because i am not a sinner, but because nobody can contradict the truth, and because the lord is my Shepard, i shall not want.

Be grateful that we have a good judge.


It’s a great reminder, Joy, so I moved this to the main forum so more can see it. Thanks for sharing.

Especially for people who think they can act nasty on the Internet and no one knows.


God knows the heart, so hiding/manipulating is but an illusion. On the day of judgment, all must be accounted for, and every debt paid. God will remind us of both the good and the evil deeds performed.


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