Lukewarm vs. Hot n' Cold

Thanks, @Gripper this is really good resource! Is wayback machine the only way to find it?

I once heard a really good teaching about this. Both hot and cold are good and are useful.

When a person becomes tired and hot, a cold drink is greatly desired and it refreshes and restores.

When a person is cold, a hot drink, a hot shower, etc., warms a person up and keeps the shivers away.

But when you’re hot and want a cold drink, if the water you get is just lukewarm, you just want to spit it out–it is actually gross. Or when you’re expecting to drink hot coffee or tea and it’s just lukewarm…yuck…

Just like Jesus said, he would spit out the lukewarm. It is worthless.

Jesus wrote this to the Church at Laodicea. Laodicea was in an area of natural springs of water.
If anyone would know about things like that and understand Jesus’ symbology, it would be the people of Laodicea.


@C.Ray It used to have it’s own website but it is on here now though for some reason.

Another way would be looking at hot chocolate, it’s nice when it’s hot, it’s not so nce when it’s cold but lukewarm makes you feel sick.

I’d just say Re: all things Faith

Luke warm and cold are , the wrong positions to be in

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