Luminous Mysteries?

I was just checking to see what y’alls opinion is. Do you pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary as prescribed by Pope John Paul II?

Absolutely! I love them. They are very beautiful.

JPII I:heart:U

I agree with you but i have gotten mixed feelings from other people regarding them.

I love 'em! The rest are awesome too. :slight_smile:

After going without the luminous mysteries for a short while, they are now even more appreciated. Whether it’s joyful, luminous, sorrowful, or glorious, any time spent focusing on Jesus with Mary and not on myself has to be good. :thumbsup:

I pray them. I do know some people are not comfortable doing that, but saying them isn’t a requirement or anything so I respect that they don’t want to pray them.

i pray them because they contain the sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist in them and i love reading them.

I don’t simply because I pray the traditional mysteries, as do most of my Catholic friends.

I pray them. I do know some people are not comfortable doing that, but saying them isn’t a requirement or anything so I respect that they don’t want to pray them.

I think that’s a good thing for folks to remember, that the luminous mysteries aren’t required. They were suggested by Blessed John Paul II, along with other suggestions on how to pray the Rosary. There have been some things said online about them, and JP2, that IMO are way out of line.

Oh, and mutual respect… :thumbsup:

They are not mutually exclusive :wink:

I agree with you Hillbilly.:slight_smile: Any time spent thinking about Christ is good. I love the luminous mysteries because they allow us the opportunity to look at Jesus’ life when he was in active ministry and very involved with his apostles and the common people. (don’t really like the word common but oh well). You don’t get that opportunity in the other mysteries.

actually i have just started praying the rosary and only on fridays thus far. but i pray different mysteries even though its friday. i’m sure thats ok. i only prayed one decade today but it was the 1st luminous.:slight_smile:

I do but I get them mixed up.

On Wednesdays I have an activity that requires a drive. I say the Luminous Mysteries then.

Off the top of my head I sort of know what they are. The order stumps me re: the second and third decade, and what the mysteries are technically CALLED stumps me too sometimes. Before I look them UP … I’ve been calling them:

Baptism in the Jordan

Wedding Feast at Cana

Preaching of the Kingdom

The Transfiguration and …

The Institution of the Eucharist.

Fingers crossed … going to Google …

“Baptism of the LORD”

“Wedding of Cana”

“The Proclamation of the Kingdom”

“The Transfiguration” and

“The Institution of the Eucharist”

As I’ve admitted, 2 and 3 I’ve sometimes reversed. But I had the events right.

Four of the five mysteries involve sacraments. Penance, Annointing of the Sick, and Confirmation are “missing” – though the apostles anointed the sick as they proclaimed the Kingdom – and Confirmation is covered in the “Descent of the Holy Spirit” in the Glorious Mysteries. One might also remember the Good Thief’s “confession” during Jesus’ Crucifixion (the fifth Sorrowful Mystery). :slight_smile:

I was hesitant at first too, but the tradititional mysteries aren’t changed or de emphasised in any way; we used to say the the Joyful mysteries twice during the week on Saturday and Thursday during ordinary time, now once a week on Saturday and the Luminous that it seems are more fitting, for Thursday. Nothing is lost and a great deal is gained, no?

I pray them once per week. As long as you do the other three each week, you fulfill the basic requirements. I try to do all three traditional mysteries on Sunday. I spend an hour before mass and then complete them after the mass if necessary. Then when I walk 3 times a week (health permitting), I pray another 2-3 each hike. Since I usually walk on Thursdays, I do it then. I do not pray it nearly as much as the others though.

As long as you meet whatever you have committed youself to, it does not hurt at all. It’s sort of like the special one.

No, I admit I don’t; I just don’t feel I know them well enough. I grew up with the rosary so I just feel more comfortable with the other mysteries.

This post though will change that as I learn them finally! Better late than never.

No, I don’t pray them.

Of course. The Luminous Mysteries fill in the public life of Jesus. If anyone objects to such a beautiful addition to the rosary, I’d have to wonder as to how rigid can we get? Especially when the addition came from such a well-loved saint as Pope John Paul II. How can dwelling on the deeds of Jesus be wrong? The rosary is just a tool for reflecting on the life of Jesus. Now it is even more helpful and beneficial.

I think that we should meditate on the aspects of Christ’s life in these mysteries. It would be interesting to see, though, if a Pope (like Pope Francis) would create a new set of mysteries. I highly doubt it would happen, though. Or if, God willing, the Blessed Virgin came and gave us more mysteries for the rosary. :smiley:

No, I don’t. I pray the traditional mysteries as I have for many years.

I do not pray them for a couple of reasons, I only pray the 15 traditional ones because it even outs to 150 Ave’s which each Ave is supposed to represent a psalm, as the Rosary was originally prayed as a Light “Psalter” besides, if memory serves me, St. Louis said the Holy Rosary was the perfect prayer, and there was no Luminous mystery’s when he was around, so, in my opinion, why fix perfect. But of course, to each his own, I never criticize others for praying them as Mother Church has permitted it, after all, how could one criticize praying?
God bless, Our Lady protect

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