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I need some suggestions of things I can eat for lunch. That is pretty much the only meal I eat at home. I have hot chocolate and oatmeal for breakfast and I eat dinner (as well as two snacks) where I work. It is just me, so things that won’t go bad quickly are important. I don’t want to shop more than once every two weeks.

I have been getting some veggies, squash and zucinni and cutting and steam them on the weekend and throwing them in whatever during the week. I’ve tried doing that with tomatoes, but they seem to go bad before I get to eat many. (Do you think I could freeze cut tomatoes?) I’ve been eating hummus on tortillas with veggies, egg salad on tortillas with cheese and veggies, and pasta with pesto sauce with veggies. I’ve had soup occasionally, but it is getting WAY too warm here for that to sound good.

So, any other ideas? I’m getting a bit tired of the same thing! Suggestions for things that I could cut and freeze would be great. We have a great store with cheap fresh produce.


Uncooked tomatoes don’t freeze well. I love to get the little baskets of grape tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes, but smaller and oval-shaped). Keep them out of the fridge and they will keep their summertime taste until you eat them. I love them as is, dipped in mayo or dressing, or tossed into a saute until they pop. Mmmm!



peanut butter and jelly sounds good right about now


Even though it’s just you, you could still cook a larger meal and then freeze the leftovers in serving size containers. Spaghetti, lasagne, roast and mashed potatoes, soup, etc.

When I buy a family-sized hamburger, I use some for a meal, then brown the rest and freeze in smaller packages so it’s ready to defrost and pop into anything – spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, etc. Saves time.

And frozen veggies work great for stir frys and soups, too. Then you don’t have to worry about them going bad.


What about baking or grilling chicken and then eating it with different sides, like noodles, beans, or salad?


By the time I get to eat lunch (after I’ve made the kids their lunches) I’m ravenous and will eat almost anything. Typically I’ll have a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (I love the smoked deli turkey) or with a little whipped cream cheese on a toasted whole wheat mini bagel. Or PB&J, tuna salad, etc. I will eat salads but I hate to make them. Often I have leftovers. Or half of a sandwich and some soup.

Once a week I make a huge pot of soup and we have that a lot for lunch. One of my favorites is to take medium whole wheat tortillas, put some vegetarian refried beans and a little shredded cheese, roll it and pop it in the micro for 1 minute. That’s usually what I have on Fridays :slight_smile:

HTH! Why not just make slightly bigger dinners so you can have leftovers the next day? Today I had a leftover turkey burger with baked sweet potato fries, yum!


I experiment with pasta. Noodles, tomato paste, herbs, oil, vinegar (optional)… Sometimes with rice instead. Perhaps some meat. Can even be ham. Or canned tuna. Canned veggies aren’t bad for this, either. Toasted bread - whether toasted with cheese and perhaps sandwich meat, or just some cold stuffing in between toasted slices of bread. Or you could cook some eggs and eat them with mayo or some other dressing. If you feel like something very simple, potatoes cooked in skins are quite good if you peel them just before eating them with salt and butter. Another thing you can make from potatoes is “pancakes” - you grate a couple of potatoes, take an egg, add some flour if you like, some salt… then you just fry it and it’s ready. Good with sour cream. I know the last ideas are weird, but that’s Polish food for you. :smiley:


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