Lust and Glutteny - fear of God

First of all, I attend church daily, and attend confession weekly.

I have a problem. Is it a sin to be a little overweight(I dont look overweight but I am)? Does the overeating make me a glutton?

Also, after just a few days without masturbating, I start having lustful dreams, and I end up going nuts until I masturbate. Are the dreams themselves sin? If I masturbate and ruin my whole week, am I not allowed to take communion at daily mass?

I get so afraid of the lord, because I keep failing hard to the same sin over and over. I offered God an alter in my room, with decoration and things to his honor, where I pray many times a day before reciting the rosary. I offer him week long water fasts often. (only consuming the host). I’m just so afraid once I ruin my week with masturbation. Should I feel this afraid? I want to love him for what God is, not out solely out of fear.


When food becomes a vice, then it becomes a mortal sin. A little overweight does not sound like a vice, especially when you stated that you can offer a week long fast.

When you fall into solitary sin, go to confession as soon as possible… go everyday if you need to. Pray the Rosary everyday for the grace needed to overcome this sin. Either you will give up the sin or you’ll give up the Rosary. The fight against solitary sin is not easy battle but it is a war that can be won, through prayer. Don’t give up.

It’s true, the longest I’ve gone without an erection was only possible because I prayed the rosery daily, got lustful dreams and sometimes thought of lustful things, but never had an erection, or masturbated. the rosary has been saving me this week. I’m just fearing that I’ll give in soon, and I don’t want to be shamed of sitting during communion cause of it.

After a week without mortal sin, and praying the rosary different I feel so blessed and close to God, like he’s close to me. If I masturbate, would he care that I’m praying or calling for him any less? Should I continue just as strong?

And should I be fearing God for my life like this? Sometimes I’m afraid of even existing.

Habitual masturbation is a problem many men face. When done with full consent and knowlege, it is a mortal sin. Whatayagunnado? :shrug:

Don’t be afraid of God. He bacame man and so he knows exactly what we go through. Jesus was tempted in all things just like us.

One “Trick” which worked for me was noting in the Catechism that the sacrament of confession was under the heading of “Sacraments of Healing” and not sacraments of forgiveness. There are no sacraments of forgiveness!

The confessional is a place of healing. Forgiveness is good as far as it goes but it doesn’t go far enough. Don’t get me wrong, we all need forgiveness but confession/reconciliation/pennance is a sacrament of healing. We have to go into the confessional and ask the doctor of our soul, the Holy Spirit to heal us of the sin. To take it completely away. John the Baptist called Jesus the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world. The priest says exactly that every day at Mass and we say “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but say the word and** I shall be healed**.”

Ask God to heal you. Also ask him to help you love him more than you love yourself. At the end of the day, I know it sounds harsh, you continue to act out sexually because you simply love yourself more than God. You may love God but you love yourself more. Ask God to help you love him more than you love yourself. The first paragraph of the Catechism says that the meaning of our life is to seek, know and love God. So seek him… read read read… listen to MP3’s, go to lectures, read theology, go to bible study, immerse yourself and seek him. He will reward you.

I’ll stop now and just say that I know that God can take your sin completely away.


I can tell you that not only man have this problem but also women, and i can also tell you that you can get over it.
In my case one day i decided that i will stop and I stopped. The first weeks i thought i will go insane, but as the time passed i simply forgot about it and i don’t feel any need anymore to do something like this.
When i had bad thougts i just prayed or tried to think of something else or do something else that would take my mind of it. I’m not telling that it’s easy, it is hard but you can do it.

Ofcourse i have confessed and repent for this sin.

Since you cannot control your dreams, you cannot be held responsible. You sin when you make a conscience decision to enter into that sin. Through the daily rosary, you can overcome solitary sin… it can be done. Place a crucifix in the bedroom and bathroom (any place you find yourself in solitary sin). Make it the focal point of the room. Get rid or any pornography you might have and turn off the TV if it is a hindrance, God knows you are trying and he’ll grant you the graces you need. Focus on the end result, which is an end to this sin.

As far as being shamed… who cares what others think. My hope is that none of them are going to Holy Communion with mortal sin.

I’ve attached a link of a video that may be helpful. If you need to… watch it everyday for encouragement.

I most definitly do not want to downplay the worthiness of prayer, confession and daily mass. I wish I were as good as you about these things. However, I do suggest that if you continue to have this problem (especially if you are older) that you highly consider seeing a professional about this.

I dont have a pornography problem, but just masterbation.
then I give up, and say,“gee whats the point, I cant take communion til confession this weekend, so might as well masterbate more and not go to daily mass til confession”

thanks for all the help.

I’m 20, I’ve been attending daily mass, and had my altars since I was a little boy, but I’ve always had this masturbation problem.

God will not care less about you or care less that you are praying or calling for him. God’s love in unconditional. He loves us the same regardless of what we do. It is us that step away from him. He does not move away from us.

God should not be feared in the way I think you fear him. He should be respected and loved (sounds like you are trying to do that).

Sounds like your temptation gets the best of you as soon as you let your guard down. You have to ask for the grace to be stronger at that very moment. One idea is to go do something else as soon as the temptation arises. Go out with friends, go for a walk, call someone or something else physical like exercise (join a gym and workout). Find an activity that removes you from the occasion of sin. You need to break the cycle of that temptation.

The thing is as i have struggled with above, if you make it a habit, it can distance you from God. I don`t mean to scare you, as this scared and still does for me as well, when i was told so.

But ask yourself this:

  1. Is it worth to push God away and take longer time to reconciliate?
  2. Is “two minutes of fun” worth risking your salvation and soul?

The conclusion i have reached is: no, not at all.
I wish you the best of luck and you are in my prayers.

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