Lust--One of the Seven Deadly Sins (an article)


Lust offers a quick solution to the already-numbed out soul of modern man living in the post-Nietzschean era - instead of facing the existential crisis of human existence in any small manner, instead of facing reality, hardship, suffering, fear, woe, or anything else, man can temporarily “forget his emptiness in the intensity of a momentary experience.”

It seems to me the same could be said of any of the major sins of consumption and collection (for example, what is greed for money if not simply drowning emptiness in a deluge of cash and objects one doesn’t need?) Even pride can be seen in this light since many have replaced a longing for connection to a higher power with a longing to be famous (sometimes at horrible cost to them and others, lest we forget the school shootings of late or those who decide the best way to be heard is to set a bomb in a crowded place).

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