I’m a young man who always seems to be very full of hormones all the time. It is getting to the point that itis destroying my life. I love christ and his church very much. Any advice PLEASE!


Pray, cut yourself off from temptation. It’s easier to cut yourself totally off than to keep fighting. Find some hobbies to occupy your time and attention and some ways to burn your energy. Ask the priest in confession. Ask older family members how they dealt with it. Can’t say much more. :wink:


exercise… it helps a lot!!!


I’m a young lady and often struggle with hormones and such as well. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Pray!!! There is nothing God won’t help you with. Go to Confession, go to Mass often, pray the Rosary, do Stations, etc. It works wonders!
  2. Exercise. When hormones start to overtake me, it usually means I have too much energy and need to use it.
  3. Reflect. Do you struggle with lonliness or the like? When I struggle with these thoughts, it is usually linked to missing my boyfriend (he’s long distance) or desiring company. Think about the reasons why and fix what’s missing.
  4. Keep your mind occupied. Read a book, play Sudoku, do anything that keeps your thoughts away from temptation.
  5. Guard your senses. Don’t read dirty books, watch graphic movies, or listen to explicit music (or sensual music, sound and rhythm are just as important as lyrics) It can seep into your mind and cause impurity.

Hope this all helps! I’ll be praying for you!



Hey Franco, all us men (and women!) struggle with this and there are many great people on here that are offering great advice. I second that you have to stay steadfast in prayer. The rosary does work wonders becuase as I have found out as well, lust destroys womenhood, and who else to help restore how a women should be looked upon than Mary.

2nd I would also go to confession as much as you can, I say this even when I struggle with finding the courage to do it regularly, so don’t be ashamed if it takes some time. But try and go. Confession is not just about spilling your sins to a priest. Its about God healing your heart. The more you go to confession the more power you’ll have against lust.

I know people say that you need to occupy yourself and it will go away but I can say it won’t. I am a very busy person, and I struggle with lust all the time. ALL THE TIME. It permeates us even when we are busy. But the key is kowing how to deal with it. And I am still struggling with how to deal with it also. The best advice I’ve heard is when a lustful thought of a women or whatever enters your brain, pray for that person’s conversion.

There are many great websites for more guidence and I would definately look into material written by Christopher West and Jason Everet.

God Bless.


Thanks for your kind words, I will pray the rosary daily and go to mass more often.i will keep use updated.

p.s is it a sin when a lustful thought just pops in your head out of noting.


Hi Frank. It’s a hard struggle, I know…

Maybe removing common triggers would help. Noting certain times of the day when you are most vulnerable and keeping yourself busy during those times. Increase the time when youre around people.

And lots of prayers.

God bless.


I don’t think so. You couldn’t have helped it so I don’t think it has morality. It becomes a sin if you lentertain the thoughts or act on it though.


You’re far from alone - most young and not-so-young people struggle with the same thing. We can’t promise that it’s easy, but do your best to avoid music, movies (I’d add tv shows, magazines and internet sites) that are focused on sex. It helps a lot.

Learn to nip thoughts in the bud - if you become aware of them stop and say even a brief silent prayer to the Blessed Virgin or St Michael. Their intercession is very powerful in such matters.

And treat it as a sin - a serious one to be sure, but the same as any other. If you slip up say an Act of Contrition straight away and go to confession as soon as you can, and as often as you need to. It really does help, though it isn’t magic and takes a little effort.


I will tell you the biggest thing that helped me about this issue. I started listening to a guy named Roy Masters , Hes got a website FHU.COM and hes also on am radio . Hes not Catholic and theres a few things i don’t agree with on what he says but is a Jewish Christian whos been on the radio helping people with issues like this for nearly 50 years or so.

He taught me how to step back from those lustful thoughts , to realize that are not me but outside forces and to not identify myself with those thoughts, just to stand back and watch them and let them roll off me like water off a ducks back. With no resentment , if you resent the thoughts you become attached to those thoughts and it will make it worse. Just let them pass one ear and out the other. They come from the fallen one.

Also he taught me the value of not striving or being willful, but rather just being a willing channel for goodness and truth.

Its hard to fully explain but God has Used this man in my life to help me with this problem in a major way. I thank God for Him as Ive never heard a man speak so much truth about the inner workings of man, and insights in the troubles that beset us.

I Know this almost sounds like a commercial for this guy but he truly did Help me through Gods Grace. Check him out FHU.COM


Good for you! I took the rosary to bed with me every night when I first came back to the Church. It was and is a powerful weapon against naughty thoughts.

Absolutely no sin if a naughty thought just pops into your head. This happens to all of us, especially those of us who have lived long and “colorful” lives! :rolleyes: We have alot of bad film clips rolling around in our brains! Just be sure you shake 'em from your head as soon as they try to squeeze their way in. For truly persistent bad thoughts, I call in St. Michael the Archangel. He has weaponry!:wink:


Lots of sensible advice you’re getting here. Believe in God’s mercy and Confession. If it’s confessed, it’s over. Your part is to work on the present, maybe on the future as well, but not dwell on the past. Let the past not hold you down. Realise that you can’t sin without choice. Having a sex drive is not a sin. Looking forward to be able to do it legally and morally is not a sin, either. It’s not a sin to learn about how it works (prudentially, let’s say). What’s a sin is to entertain lustful thoughts.

If you cut your links to temptations, it’ll be easier. Don’t go to certain places in life or online, don’t meet certain people, don’t test your limits, avoid what’s risky, and it’ll be much easier.

You may also need to find something to do with your spare time and preferably something physically exhausting. Next, maybe something to train willpower. Fasting maybe? Probably some kinds of physical exercise have that effect. Some games also. I don’t really know but maybe someone else will.

For some balance, you may want to read a positive message, such as one of those new books about marriage etc. Just make sure it has Imprimatur and the like.


What exactly is considered lust? Just looking at attractive females/males? What if I’m driving in the car and consciously looking for attractive females?


How is looking at some 1s assets a sin?


If lust is damaging your life: in addition to the excellent suggestions above, I recommend getting involved in Sexaholics Anonymous. Lust addiction flourishes in isolation, whereas SA brings together others who are suffering so that the isolation is gone.

It’s kept this Catholic sober for nearly 18 years.


You are a normal child of God and perfect in every way. It is normal to have those kinds of thoughts and there are many “triggers” everywhere.

As many others said here, the trick is to control them and do what prayers and activities you need to control these thoughts and ideas and make sure you don’t act on any of these inappropriate behaviors.

Say your prayers, maybe put some prayer cards in your pockets and carry them around when you need them. When you have those lustful thoughts, just remember that those “objects” that distract you are God’s creation and someone’s children and grandchildren to be treated with respect and dignity. Good luck


I was wondering as younger guys call it a “stiffy” can this be caused by anything other then lust like i know its happened to me before without any sexual thoughts just looking at a beautiful girl in my class who is dressed and at school??


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