Lustful thoughts

does anyone know how to stop lustful thoughts??? Thanks! God bless!

If you find out, teach me, ok?

Take refuge in the fact that you are not in mortal sin unless you are intentionally indulging in these thoughts. Rebuking them when you realize you’re engaging in them, that’s not sin. That’s concupiscence. It manifests itself in different ways in all of us.

I’ll let you you! :slight_smile:
God bless you! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: God bless!

Temptations to lust will stop when we’re 6ft in the ground and after the resurrection. Before this time there is no real way to completely stop these thoughts but there are means to combat them. No evil is ever conquered without the grace of God and some great ways of receiving these graces or through pray, mortification (fasting especially), penances, works of charity, and most of all confession and communion.

Last priest who gave me advice about impure thoughts (so lustful thoughts would apply) told me that we are going to get them. Period. I believe him. But he told me when we get impure thoughts to pray. What we can do to minimize them is by being on guard about what we allow into out minds. Don’t watch things that you know might give you lustful thoughts. Don’t notice and drool over members of the opposite sex for too long. With a little self control and prayer you will be amazed. Sometimes random lustful thoughts pop into my head and it gets annoying. Sometimes I can see something that I know might lead me to sin in my thoughts and I just turn away from it and later I will realize I did not have one lustful thought over it. I pray to The Holy Spirit everyday to purify my mind from impure thoughts.

Well, the MOMENT you begin to have such a thought, you need to IMMEDIATELY stop it and focus on something else. For example, you can pray, get up, go for a walk, read scripture…anything that will stop it!

If you have the thought, it is an impure thought. Once we accept it, dwell on it, it becomes an impure desire, more serious.

Next, are you dressing modestly? See:
These contain what several saints said on developing the virtue of modesty.

All the thought control and prayers in the world probably won’t help if you are you wearing provocative clothing…short shorts, miniskirts, tight, see-through, low-cut clothing! Reconsider your wardrobe. When you bend over, nothing should show or fall out.

What movies do you watch? What books do you read? What kind of people do you hang around? Where do you go? Are these materials, people, and places helping you in your spiritual journey or doing the opposite?

If one is having lustful thoughts, it’s counterproductive to watch movies that will only fuel the flame or go to places where everyone is dressing immodestly and behaving provocatively.

Looks. When you look at someone, do you look at people with lust? If someone looks at you with lust, do you accept that look? Consider what you will do if someone looks at you inappropriately. Have a plan…you can …leave the room, move to another seat, etc.

Posture and gestures…As a woman, look at what your body language is saying. Are you sitting, standing modestly? Statistics say 80% of communication is actually non-verbal.

I was considering a full frontal lobotomy…

On a worldly level, there are many pharmaceutical drugs that greatly reduce a persons sex drive, trust me on this!! and they truly work. It was unintended in my case though.

When having those thoughts, try to pray to St Michael and to the Virgin Mary, and let them disappear.

  1. With temptations against chastity the key is more “flight than fight” --turn to some other good thing. More an “indirect” approach (turning to some good thing) than direct.

Do not stress simply turn your attention somewhere else some good thing etc.

Conversi ad Dominum -turn towards the Lord in love (and calmly).

  1. Remember all sorts of thoughts can “happen to one” without one wanting them -all sorts of things can just come in out of the blue.* Simply don’t consent and turn to some good things.* All sorts of thoughts can happen to a person without there being* any sin.*


Pray the Rosary every day. It is the best weapon against satan also say Come Holy Spirit right away when this happens and He will help you. Like the other person said and a priest told me as long as you do not do anything wrong they are not a sin. I hope this helps. God Bless You.

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