Luther-Bashing is Anti-Catholic


I follow Christ


So where does Martin Luther fit into it? Did you celebrate his 500th anniversary?

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I’m Anglican, and a member of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
But to answer the question: universal jurisdiction.


sigh’ so I have to go back to calling myself a ‘Roman Catholic’ to lessen confusion? If you’re Anglican you’re not Catholic unfortunately. King Henry set that one up over his rejection of the indissolubility of marriage.

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Not really. I’m Anglican now


Oh okay, so you don’t really follow Martin Luther? So whether we come to agreement in this thread about Luther or not doesn’t really help, instead we should probably be talking about King Henry and St Thomas Moore?

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Nope. You and I both are members of His OHCA Church.
His Church is not only and exclusively in communion with the pope.


I think it important that we all come to an agreement that it is wrong to bash a historical figure dishonesty, as some have done, by quoting out of context, using partial quotes, etc.


Who is bashing Luther? If there is bashing, it is at the front door of the Church.

Excommunication is an approved form of persuasion that is self limiting and quite charitable. At any time those excommed can repent and return to the community. The olive branch was extended to Luther as well. We all make choices, and once out of the protective communal sphere, the draws to human weaknesses took anchor. Many like him such has Mohammed,Waco,Karesh,Jones and Henry could not give up the enticements of social popularity, and the draw of thousands pressured to reject Christian principles finally found an outlet in Luther that would substantiate the distorted concepts they were tempted with. The pressures outside of the Church were too enticing, and he gave them the changes that he thought were needed.

The prince of this world never satiated, other fall out sects demanded their own changes from him and so the seed for schism cultivated fields of errors in the likes of other man made protestant religions.

The sequence of errors are chronicled in NewAdvent. So no, there is nothing that the Church actioned that presented a closed door to him.

If Luther did qualify, I can think of one devout and holy Cardinal that would certainly be the first candidate for a commemorative stamp.

BTW: Catholics know that it is not spiritually healthy to delve on judicial decisions the Church has finally decided on.


See? Now this is bashing. This is like Jack Chick without the cartoons.


Decree of nullity. Very common at the time.


Very common now, too, I understand.


Without knowing full contemporary details, yes. Mutatis mutandis, to be sure.

And, hello.


“Social popularity”? Now there’s a unique interpretation of Luther and the Reformation.


I think what’s being alluded to is megalomania.


An excommunication ends with the death of the excommunicant, so removing it becomes an non-issue. Nor could a Pope state that the excommunication never happened, as it is an historical truth.

In regards to the charge of heresy, a Pope COULD overturn that, but it would require new evidence that Luther did not, in fact, deny any truth taught as definitive by the Church. That would be VERY difficult to prove.


There appears to be a contradiction here, Jon. Multiple, actually.

The “O” and “A” are under some dispute as is, implicitly, the “C”.

A path we’ve worn well, right? :exploding_head:

I’m not sure I’ve asked though; why do you reject universal jurisdiction? You don’t think Peter was head of the Church nor that the Roman Church enjoyed a status as “arbiter of last resort” over the entire Church Catholic?


That would be off the thread topic. Come to think of it, so is attacking other CAF members who are believed to “follow Luther”.


Not necessarily. The goal of it is to upbraid the person so they return to the Church. When that happens, the excommunication is lifted.


During the first five hundred years of Catholic evaluations of Luther, a strong emphasis on vilifying Luther’s character as a means of discrediting the Reformation was the normal Catholic approach. The emphasis shifted in the Twentieth Century: Catholic scholarship began to study Luther as a sincere religious man and an honest theologian… except here on the Catholic Answers forums!

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