Luther-Bashing is Anti-Catholic


It is a good thing that the Catholic Church dialogue with non-Catholics. V2 clearly spells this out. In the eyes of the Church, the ultimate goal of ecumenism, as it relates to the mission of the Church, is to evangelize and to guide non-Catholics to the truth of Christ and the Church. That goal can not be distorted as members of the Church engage in discussions with non-Catholics. The Church embraces the papacy, the 7 sacraments, Scriptures and the Magisterium; while vehemently rejects heresies, universalism and pantheism.

By the way, you know so well that it’s against CAF rules to criticize catholic clergy. CAF members had been either suspended, or banned, for such behavior. Administrators of this forum have repeatedly warned its members to exercise great restraints on this matter. When Steve-b said he wanted to reserve privilege to name names, take it as a sign that he wanted to honor that. To bait him into that trap is quite unbecoming.

Throughout the history of the Church, there were those in the hierarchy that advocated heresies, universalism and pantheism. That won’t change, and the promise of Christ protecting the Church—His bride—will prevail once again.


No baiting is intended. I would like him to back up his statements. He seems to be setting himself against the hierarchy . He will not say that he accepts the Joint Declaration or Called to Common, but just harps on a certain passage from Lumen Gentium that is actually informed by other documents. He could come out with a clear statement that he is submission to the ecumenical efforts of the Catholic Church and accepts everything that it teaches on this subject, but…crickets.

He has the opportunity to explain himself.


The paragraph I quoted from

  1. Paragraph 14 from Lumen Gentium, is the goal of evangelization and ecumenism.
  2. I explained myself in post Luther-Bashing is Anti-Catholic Note the article I quoted from was from Msgr. Charles Pope


Are you willing to just come out and say that you accept the Joint Declaration, Called to Communion, and other Vatican documents and that you are in complete submission to the papacy in its ecumenical efforts? A simple yes or no will do.


We (Lutherans and Catholics) agree on Justification

Of course we are called to communion. So why hasn’t it happened in 500 years? Has the last 50 years produced the success looked for? I would suggest, NO.

I am submissive to the papacy. That has been the teaching of the Church from the beginning. We are to be not just one in a squishy sense, but “perfectly one” as Jesus commanded

BTW, you didn’t respond to this post Luther-Bashing is Anti-Catholic


I gave you an answer. While I don’t name names, I got specific. You didn’t respond Luther-Bashing is Anti-Catholic


No, one must speak the truth about Luther, if someone wants to take that as Luther Bashing, then so be it, without the truth there will be no conversion nor unity.

No, if you follow Luther then you are already divided and divorced from the Church.

Nobody should hate Martin Luther or any of his followers, but we should hate his errors and we should try to evangelize them back to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


If the Church approves of Luther, what are they doing being Catholic?


Because we are Catholics, not Lutherans. We don’t agree with Luther, if it’s a method of evangelization you take issue with that is fine, but if you want us to embrace Luther, then that is not ever going to happen, Luther left and did not return, if you want to return you must let Luther go.

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The 500th anniversary thing was a scandal. Notice they used the word ‘commemorate’ not ‘celebrate or approve’ the fact it was done on his 500th anniversary and with Protestants who celebrate Martin Luther, makes it highly scandalous and unfortunately several Catholics have fallen into error over this terrible scandal.

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I’m sure we can say that what Martin Luther did should be condemned.

quick question. Is the Church justifying Luther’s decision? If so, then that would mean the Church is justifying a split in the Church. If the Church is not justifying Luther’s decision, but rather seeks reconciliation, then that would mean we should help heal the wound. Luther took them out of the Church, we must bring them back.


Actually, since the new CAF format, we’ve seen lots of Luther bashing, lots of instances of Luther’s words taken out of context, quoted in snippets, and isolated for the era in order to provide a false atmosphere around his words.
For example, when one criticizes Luther’s later anti-Judaic writings without placing them next to the numerous Catholic anti-Judaic writings robs thee reading of an honest context. Both are to be condemned, to be sure, but it is disingenuous to reference one without the other.


And you do that by claiming they are not of His Church. That’s a formula that has worked so well over the last 450 years?


I’ve never seen that. I have seen the Catholic Church recognize blame on both sides, however.


seen what?


Yeah, some of them in the Vatican. Interesting.

Question, do you approve or disapprove of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification and From conflict to Communion?


The Catholic Church justifying Luther’s decision.


Amen… I pray that all souls, including my own, constantly seek reconciliation to Christ and to the Church.


Not all of them do know about Luther already. My college roommate went into a mini-crisis for weeks which she found out some of the things Luther wrote. I was floored that she was unaware of that. So, pointing out those things are important on the individual level.

And as part of the laity, that’s who I am concerned with: individuals. I can not convert people, the a Holy Spirit converts people. I do not need to defend the Holy Catholic Church. She has the fullness of the faith and can defend herself. I merely speak the truth and encourage people to learn more and explore the faith. I am convinced if they do so with a open and honest heart they will find their answers.

So think about your question from my perspective. You are basically saying you are trying to figure out how to respond to the Catholic Church based on how some of the latity behave? That sounds a bit absurd. Either the Catholic Church holds the truth or it does not. The behavior of the sinners in the church (aka all of us) has nothing to do with the soundness of the Church’s teachings.

We all are working on becoming saints. Some of us are further along than others. And just because you dislike or believe some behavior is ineffective doesn’t mean it is true. Different people respond to different things, what is Luther bashing to you, was a moment of enlightenment to my roommate. (No, I didn’t tell her…I thought she already knew.)


Yes, but I don’t think this question was directed to me.

We can’t know the condition of his heart before he went to judgment. I have read that he continued to pray his rosary even to his deathbed, and that he regretted how much division was created by his work. He certainly was dismayed that the Calvanists and followers of Zwingi rejected the Real Presence.


Okay, I was thinking more his 95 thesis one of which condemning transubstantiation.

Not nonsense, true, very true.

They are not, Luther is not part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and if you wish to be one with us, you must let go of Luther, he left the Catholic Church and encouraged his followers to do likewise, I don’t know whether he regretted it or repented or whatever on his deathbed, but one must let Luther go in order to return home to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, There. Is. No. Other. Way!

Anything else is a lie and a false sense of unity.

It doesn’t matter how it has worked, it matters whether it is true. Luther did not return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, if you follow him, then neither have you and nor will you as long as you follow Luther.

Then you should have no problem letting Luther go and returning home to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

Haven’t read them, but on the face of it there is a good chance I would not approve, we are not in communion with Lutherans some of whom have female clergy for starters, not to mention celebrating and following Martin Luther.

We may have similarities and several things we agree on, and that is good, but we are not one unfortunately, you would need to let Luther go in order for that to happen, or I would have to accept Luther, which I will never do, and if anyone in the Catholic Church does so and claims to be still Catholic, then they would become hypocrites.

Luther’s decision is not justifiable, in order to somehow ‘justify it’ they would become hypocrites.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless


True, but we do know he did not return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and neither did his followers, thus there can be no unity until they let Luther go and thus convert home back to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless


I’ve got to ask this sincerely.

You say you guys are far from Luther and even farther from the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church is so very wrong yet why do you care what a minority literally a handful of people strangers off the internet have to say about Martin Luther?

Your average Catholic that doesn’t have a Catholic Answers Forum account or debate with people on the internet and does not give a hootenanny about Martin Luther today.

It takes a lot more to excommunicate yourself than simply taking a different position or maybe disagreeing with some ecumenical approaches and I don’t think the church actually boxes ecumenism into one way or another.

I mean if it was so easy for Catholics to be excommunicated a large majority of our own clergy would be excommunicated today.

Guys like Father James Martin who are extremely controversial and liberal would be automatically excommunicated.

From what I’ve read on your responses to many of these different threads you seem pretty confident in the reformed and you don’t show any hint of ever reconciling with the Catholic Church so why do you care if the Church comes knocking if you’re so set on staying reformed?

No offense it just seems like you have a chip on your shoulder with the Catholic Church and Catholics but if you’re so happy about being reformed why do you care what others do?

I don’t really see a problem with pointing out the evils of what Luther did or said I think it’s no worse than showing Holocaust pictures from World War II Nazi concentration camps.

I would have to agree that maybe some people do take it too far and do it in a prideful manner and not in an informative way.

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