Luther being taught in Early Childhood Education class


Can somebody help me to dispel this professor’s anti-catholic diatribe? This is a college level course, there should be a higher standard then this.

**Martin Luther **- He is one of the first people to encourage education for all, meaning both boys and girls. He advocated this for religious reasons. He was a religious reformer. He was a priest who was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, because of his ideas for reform. He started the Protestant Reformation. And he believed that ordinary lay people, not just priests and other clergy should be able to pray directly to God. Before him, people went to a priest who interceded on their behalf. But in order for people to know God, they had to be able to read the Bible, therefore he believed that people should learn to read.


You may want to send him a novel’s worth of proof from the writings of Christians for over 1000 years who prayed directly to God.

Your professor is clearly not knowledgeable on history.


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