Lutheran/Anglican/Episcopal Altar question


While looking for St. Louis Cathedral on the internet, I came across a website of New Orleans churches. In the pictures of Episcopal and Lutheran churches, the altars are all against the wall like a pre-Vatican II church and there aren’t freestanding altars. Do Lutherans/Episcopalian ministers celebrate communion ad orientem???


Literally? Some do, some don’t. Even when their backs are to the congregation, they’re not all facing east. Lots still celebrate with their backs to the parishoners, at altars against the front wall.


In my parish, our priest faces the same way as the congregation; east. Some would say that the priest has his back to the congregation, but then those in the first pew would have their backs to those in the second pew, who would then have their backs to those in the third pew and so on and so on. We all face the same way. Its an AU parish.

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