Lutheran Bishops Open Letter

A group of Retired Lutheran bishops has addressed an open letter to ECLA:

"We are former bishops of the ELCA.* We have joined Solid Rock Lutherans, because we believe in the doctrine and practice of marriage and ordination as we have known them.* We believe that these are critical matters for our contemporary witness to the truth of the Scriptures.* We ask that you join us in this effort. We request that you use your office for the sake of the Church’s faithfulness and unity.* We plead with you to act now and call the Church back to its historic doctrine and practice.
From our experience, we know first-hand the burden and stress that you carry as bishops of the Church.* Many of you are our personal friends and confidants in ministry.* We pray for you, and we remember the office that has been committed to you.* We sincerely invite your response to this letter. It is our “cry from the heart” to you.* We ask you to do all you can to maintain the Church’s orthodox ethical norms for marriage and ordination.

Time for the Lutherans to come home. Great talk about Luther on Catholic Radio today. Most don’t know that he brought foreward his strange teachings because he was very scrupulous. He spent hours in confession. He sought to disregard the law of the 10 Commandments and the church rules, so that he would not have to dispair over them. Time for those, who are tired of the Ordination and marriage practices that are against the Bible, to come home to the Catholic Church.

Deacon Tony SFO

Even when I was a Lutheran, which I suppose I still technically am, I think, I wished that all Christianity would one day reunite. Now I know how difficult that is. This is one Eurcharist believing, Bible Believing, Infant Baptizing, pastor sin-forgiving Lutheran on his way to the church the Apostles left behind for us.

I see you are from Modesto. I know a Fr. Nathan, who is in your diocese. God bless

Deacon Tony

I kind of wonder why their is not more of an Catholic outreach for disgrunteld clergy in the liberal Episcopalina and Lutheran churches. Many conservative cleargy are looking for an answer outside their liberal communions perhaps if the catholic church gave them an option they could see the light and convert the entire communion ala Alex Jones.
Of course this is problematic in the ecunemical movement but that mode of reunion will take forver. Here’s an immediate chance to get more people home to Rome.

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