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On Saturday, I attended a concert in honor of Robert Burns at the Lutheran Chapel at the Seminary in town. While exploring the hymnal, I came accross a listing that stated that Barnabas and Mary Magdelene were Apostles. The question is: what is the Lutheran definition of an Apostle?

I fear you will get different answers depending on the synod. I was taught in the WELS (Wisconsin Synod) that the Apostles were the disciples, the “12”. The LCMS considers her a Saint, but not an Apostle. I expect that if there is an explicit definition in those synods of “Apostle” that being male would be part of it.

Since the ELCA synod ordains women, they would probably not have an issue with a female apostle, and in fact would define it accordingly.

Interesting question…

Off topic…but my great grandmother used to say i was descendant of Robert Burns. I like to think its true, even if he wasn’t the most holy of men. I am assuming you were talking about the Scottish poet.

It is my understanding that the Orthodox consider Mary Magdalene the apostle to the Apostles, since it was she who carried the message of the Resurrection to them.

St Barnabas is called an apostle in the New Testament. St Mary Magdalene has been called an apostle or an apostle to the apostles.

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