Lutheran friend in Catholic Bible study

A coworker is a lifelong Lutheran and had been very active with the congregation she belonged to since childhood. About a year ago there was a falling-out between the pastor(s) and her, and she’s been attending other Lutheran churches since.

Her husband is a non-practicing Catholic.

She was very excited to tell me that the two of them enrolled in a Catholic Bible study group that will be meeting weekly for 12 weeks. The study group was advertised as open/for people of all faiths.

It will be interesting to see how she receives it. She’s intrigued because, although she has some knowledge of Catholicism, she regards it as a “closed” religion (because of Holy Communion). Have any of you (who are non-Catholic) experiences with attending Catholic Bible study or similar groups?

I have attended a few Bible studies at my wife’s Catholic parish. Closed when it comes to communion, yes. But in conservative Lutheran circles, we’re just as closed on communion as Catholics are.

I attend an ‘open’ study. Interesting to note that since it started, two people have entered RCIA.

Interesting. It sounds like this was meant to be. Converts are usually very dedicated to the Faith.

I would love for people who view the Communion as “closed” to understand it more as something not to be taken lightly. You don’t have “one night stands” with the Lord’s supper in any community. Where you receive is where you should only receive. I will not receive another communities communion because it is at odds with the Communion delivered through the hands of the chief bishop of the Church.

Most Christians don’t make the connection that the hands which deliver the Communion blessing to us, are the same hands which deliver His Teaching. As Catholics, we believe that Jesus gives His Teaching to our leaders just as He gives His body and blood.

I have only had experience the other way around. After converting into the Catholic Faith, I have participated in some Protestant ministries and fellowship. I enjoyed it very much.

That’s excellent hopefully that number keeps going up.

I’m sorry, I don’t get what you’re asking. I’m not Roman Catholic but I’ve attended my university’s Newman Center for Bible study and a whole lot of other events (my Orthodox Christian Fellowship is at the next university over so by the end of the semester I’m usually just too drained to walk the odd mile and a half to attend vespers or Bible study). I’ve never had a problem because the topics in which we differ have never come up. Even if they did, I wouldn’t say anything; I realize that this is not my territory and it’s not a debate event. I don’t see a Church that relegates communion to the prepared faithful as a “closed religion.” That sounds like a disparaging term to me. I wish your friend and her husband the best of luck. If she feels drawn to the Catholic Church, then congratulations. If not, then congratulations either way because she’s trying to expand her intellectual horizons and better understand the Holy Scripture.

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