Lutheran Hymn at Catholic Easter Mass

I thought all the Lutheran’s on CAF would like to know that the Catholic Church I attended on Easter played “This is the Feast of the Victory of Our God.” Was beautiful…organs and trumpets playing. Catholics singing too as if it has always been a Catholic song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, everyone at the Mass received a copy of Scott Hahn’s book, Rome Sweet Home. It’s a great book for many Catholic’s as well as for non-Catholic’s (I’ve given two away in the last month to non-Catholics).



Another Lutheran hymn I am particularly fond of is: Lift High the Cross.

We sing Lift High the Cross often at our Catholic Church. One of my favorites. The one you mentioned above is also in our WORSHIP Hymnal.

“This is the Feast” is a favorite in my parish for the Easter season. I always liked that hymn.

We sing Lift High The Cross for TLOTH on Holy Thursday. We also sing This Is The Feast Of The Victory Of Our God during Eastertide.

Wonderful! Some Lutheran congregations don’t sing that hymn of praise very often anymore, but we sing it frequently in my congregation.

Speaking of this: Does anyone know who wrote “I Am The Bread Of Life”? Christian Prayer attributes the lyrics to Martin Luther, and I’ve been wondering if anyone can substantiate this.

The WORSHIP and GATHER hymnals credit Suzanne Toolan as the author in 1974 of I Am the Breath of Life, another beautiful melody and lyrics.

Hymns are neither Catholic, Anglican or Lutheran-it is a shame they are identified as such

at Christmas our choir will sing hymns in Latin -it is good to see Churches other than ours using Anglican hymns and new hymns-extending our dividons to the hymns we sing is
not helpful at all

Several hundred years from now, when Rome rejoins the Lutheran church (:p;)), the Romish party will wonder why their predecessors ever booted Beethoven, Bach, Luther, Mendelssohn, Winkworth, et al. :smiley:

In all seriousness, I am happy to know that others are making use of traditional Lutheran hymns and the deep, marvelous, beautiful theology of Law and Gospel that permeates each line and directs our focus to Christ. Now if only we could get “Lutheran” churches to get back to singing them…

Bwahah! Isn’t that the truth…

Be sure to add Handel to your list of Lutheran composers - we was astounding devout and apparently composed the Messiah as apologetics.

Oh, how could I forget! To teach an Anglican king, no less!

Crucifer (Lift High the Cross) was one of my favourite hymns.

I am the bread of life, he who comes to me shall not hunger? That one?

That was by Suzanne Toolan.

Just for those liturgists who might be interested, “This is the Feast…” is in the Lutheran Service Book as part of Divine Service, Setting One, where it can be sung in place of the “Gloria in Excelsis” as the Hymn of Praise (after the Kyrie and before the Salutation and Collect of the Day – except for Lent and Advent, when it is omitted). At my parish, we usually sing it on the first Sunday of every month. :smiley:

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