Lutheran, LDS leaders meet during Lutheran regional conference

From the Deseret News…

Maybe I missed something but I’m not sure what they accomplished. It should also be noted that this is ELCA. Regardless, while I doubt there was any common ground theologically, it’s always a good thing when people can work together for good.


The ELCA folk involved in these discussion would provide better witness to Christ if they dropped the easy ecumenism in favor of a tough evangelism. What is accomplished by attempting to partner theologically with non-Christians?

These non-Christians are always trying to fit in the Christian world. None of the glory is for God but for their church and social status.

clearly this is in support of SS’M’, since ELCA has long supported it and CoJCLDS is now trying to find a way to change it’s position without seeming contradictory.

No doubt because Christians often leave an easy target for assimilation. We Christians are often too preoccupied with trying to fit into the non-Christian world. For our small part, Christians don’t exactly advance the cause of Christ. :frowning:

Which is why, I believe, this thread was started.

What you say is true. But the C.C does not bend to society to try and fit in. members may do this but as a whole, the Church doesn’t.

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