Lutheran Satire: The Reformation Gone Wrong


These are clever videos. Here’s one:


This is kind of racist. But its also kind of funny too.


Racist? How?


The accents are kind of racist in their over emphatic nature. Just look how Luther and Calvin are speaking. I couldn’t hear some of what they were saying because of those accents.


That’s not what racism is


That was hilarious.


I am using it in a different way than, That term kind of “evolved from its original meaning.” That’s how the people at school used it, but they are probably not reliable.


It is not racist at all. Careful how you throw around explosive words. We all speak with accents, in case you haven’t noticed.


Check out the other Lutheran Satires on Youtube. The Irish meets St. Patrick is good, as are the Irish meet the Mormons.


If anything it’s just using stereotypes. That’s not necessarily racist. Especially considering that Germans, French, English, Swiss, etc are all Caucasian race


Someone needs to make a catholic rebuttal to in the same manner. These are hilarious.


Yeah I’d love to see Catholic versions of these! I can think of a bunch of clever topics. Short, funny, thoughtful!



Lutheran Satire does great work as a general rule.

“We’ll call you cannibals, then get mad when you won’t commune us” :rofl:


Yeah, that’s the line I found most funny. :joy:


I’m dying here. “Scripture twisting Pope rage!” Hilarious!


I didn’t mean to be explosive.



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