Lutheran theologian becoming ordained priest in the Catholic church


Hi, if a person is a Cand. Theol in lutheran theology does this someone then have to study any additional Catholic theology in order to become a ordained Catholic priest or is the church a bit more pragmatic than that?


If they hold an ordination in the Lutheran church, they would still require some coursework to bring them “in phase” with the Catholic Church; if they were not ordained as a Lutheran, they’d have some more catching up to do.




Where do you get the authority to decide what is and isn’t pragmatic for seminarians? How many years have you taught priests? What university / diocese are you in charge of? There are committees of doctorates who decide & regularly revise preparation in seminary. What country do you run? Where are your credentials?

Obviously, they couldn’t instantly become an ordained priest. There would be some coursework in seminary for them to take.


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