I recently had the honor of being the guest of a Lutheran priest/pastor in Finland, married with 3 lovely daughters.

In Finland the churches (Lutheran and Orthodox) are funded by the State.

This priest (I call him so, only because he believes in transubstantiation) clearly regarded himself as a State employee.

He was on vacation when I was with him - so being on vacation, he did not attend church, nor did he pray!

I asked him about daily prayer / divine office, and he had no concept of what I was talking about.

Thank the Lord for our holy Church.

Thanks for sharing this. As a Lutheran, if I were to say all of our priests/pastors were the best example of the godly life, that would be less than truthful. I suspect that the same can be said for Catholic priests, as well.


The state funded Catholic Church in Europe is doing much better?

Yes. Finland is notoriously Godless. But I most definitely agree that both situations are tragic and should be remedied.

Finland definitely needs the church to start preaching the gospel , not agendas like it’s been doing.

I think the point the OP is making is that one of the things Lutherans threw out is the Divine Office…in an effort to correct the CC. :frowning: and this tradition is lost on the Lutherans.

Well, priests are required to recite the Divine Office and are less likely to view themselves simply as employees of the State.

But certainly there are some big differences from the U.S. A French Catholic teenager has been staying with my family for the past month, and she was genuinely shocked to learn that I was opposed to gay marriage and abortion. She has apparently never met anyone younger than her grandparents (my wife and I are slightly younger than her parents) who held such conservative views. When she attended Mass here, she was very surprised that the Prayers of the People mentioned abortion–according to her priests in France never talk about such issues.



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