Lutherans & Apostolic Succession Claims


Here is a quote from an aquaintance of mine. How should I, as a Catholic, claiming our true Apostolic Succession, handle this?

“Lutherans and Anglicans/Episcopalians do have a line of apostolic succession in Europe and the Anglicans/Episcopalians do in the United States. American Lutherans had to make the choice between starting churches and ministering to the faithful or not ordaining any ministers because no ministers who held the apostolic succession had immigrated. The Anglican/Episcopal Church was the established church in the colonies, so it sent over priests who preserved the apostolic succession.”


I’ll take a crack at this one…please someone jump in and save me if I’m floundering.

I’d answer with a probe, like, “Christians sure had a big row way back when, which caused a lot of Christians to leave the pre-existing Church and form their own churches. They claimed that the Church wasn’t keeping with it’s apostolic mission, so they jumped ship. So what do you suppose their obligation is if their grievances have been addressed? If they kissed and made up, wouldn’t that eliminate any question of apostolic succession?”


It is my understanding that Anglican’s didn’t maintain apostolic authority because they didn’t even maintain what a priest did… participate in a unique way offering Christ’s sacrifice.


Take a look at the official Lutheran document where the first Lutherans admit to illegally putting themselves in charge and invalidating the authority of every bishop in the world:

There is NO excuse…


I love it! where but catholic answers could you find already dead popes posting online…

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